Burgis Not in Favor of Grocery Outlet Being Placed in Former CentroMart Building


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During the January 14 Oakley City Council Meeting, City Manager Bryan Montgomery announced to the city council that DG Market would no longer be the future tenant of the former CentroMart building, but rather, it would now become a Grocery Outlet.

Montgomery provided the city council with an overview of what has transpired and why the change has occurred while paraphrasing Councilwoman Diane Burgis concerns.

During last nights City Council meeting, it was stated that Bryan Montgomery did not read a statement from Diane Burgis where she had requested her concerns be read into the minutes and did not want a paraphrased statement.  It was stated her comments would be added to the minutes–however, I asked her for a copy of the email which she provided last night.

Please read my statement during the discussion: My apologies for missing tonight’s Council meeting.Without hearing the discussion that will occur tonight I would like to make the following points:

  • I don’t think a Grocery Outlet should be placed in one of the most desirable prime spots in our downtown. I don’t believe this business would compliment the type of commercial area we are trying to create.
  • In other Bay Area cities all of the Grocery Outlets are located on more outskirt less prime areas.
  • I understand the alternative is allowing the State to sell the property and having less control of what will be built there. However, I believe we have built a desirable center that will attract more business consideration. In the past all bids were presented when developers had to imagine what it would look like.

With Ace construction underway, Carpaccio’s, La Costa, and Republic of Cake doing well & the really great demographics that Oakley has to offer- I have faith something better will come along.

According to Mr. Montgomery, there is still time to stop Grocery Outlet from coming to Oakley if the council chooses, but they would have to move quickly.

Here is a recap of the Council discussion from January 14 meeting.

Doug Hardcastle: if they are willing agree to build it with same look as La Costa or Carpaccios, and then I think it’s a win-win. The whole face of the property will enhance the downtown. If we wait, it might be two years until something else happens and there wouldn’t be an agreement to build within the same structures that are there.

Carol Rios: I feel comfortable with the assignment being made to Grocery Outlet. We have doubts with DG Market and Cross Development; they have been workable and upfront when everything fell apart. The thought of the state stepping in and having the ability to sell the property would be without any input from us so I have no qualms with staying with Cross Development and with the assignment with Grocery Outlet.

Kevin Romick: the last thing I want to do is let the state back in at any process in here for anything at any level and anywhere in this process.  I’d be in favor of this. Our greatest concern and our biggest issue is what the building would look like and can it mix and match with what we currently have there and I think in regards to what goes in there, that is the most important thing is. I’ve been to the Antioch one and not real thrilled with that, but maybe I will head up to the Roseville one and see the other cities to see what newer facilities look like. I am confident with sticking with Cross Development and not letting the state back into the process.

Randy Pope: I agree and you have consensus and direction.

Anyone with concerns about Grocery Outlet being the new tenant for the former CentroMart building, you are encouraged to email the Oakley City Council.

Mayor Randy Pope: [email protected]
Vice Mayor Doug Hardcastle: [email protected]
Councilwoman Diane Burgis: [email protected]
Councilwoman Carol Rios: [email protected]
Councilman Kevin Romick: [email protected]


  1. I think we need to bring back CentroMart and stop talking about DG Market or Grocery Outlet. I know that wont happen but I miss that place. What I find more troubling is a city manager who was asked to read a council persons comments into the record and that did not happen. She makes some very valid points that with construction complete, something better could come.

    I still cannot believe Mr. Romick stated he will visit a store after voting on it, wouldn’t you want to do that prior to a vote? I am rather annoyed he cares more about the looks of a building than what is inside.

  2. Agree MIchelle, Kevin Romick made some pretty stupid comments about the building looks instead of what they are putting downtown.

    I believe Ms. Burgis is correct in her reasoning. I am not a fan of the store and it says something about your downtown when you have a low-quality store across from City Hall. If the City went back out to bid, they probably could get a higher quality store or shop now that the downtown is complete which would equal more tax revenue for the city. Most importantly, you don’t need 3 grocery stores in Oakley./

  3. Oakley can’t handle 3 grocery stores at this time. I think its a pretty stupid idea. We need something better and if this is the best the city is willing to do, we should replace all the council.

  4. This decision = traffic and parking nightmare. Wish Oakley would make better decisions for the people who live here instead of settling for the first offer.

  5. Grocery Outlet will bring people to that area of Oakley. You fools should be thankful GO wants to put a store in a city that is going down hill.

    • I’m going to be laughing when Grocery Outlet pulls their bid and you fools put some no name store that will be closed within a year.

      • Your right! And keep traffic down in other parts of town. I shouldnt have to drive all the way to Luckys for some seasoning when im 1/4 mile away from where CentroMart used to be.

  6. Yet again Mr. Montgomery failed in his job. He was instructed to read a council person’s emailed remarks into the minutes and failed to do so. He paraphrased it instead. Hopefully the council, his bosses, took him to task but one has to wonder. why do they continue to allow him to run over the top of them. yes, he is the city manager and in charge of the day to day business BUT they are his bosses. he is not equal to them, he answers to them. Yet again another example of why its time to replace him.

  7. We need a cheaper alternative. Grocery outlet will be perfect for downtown residents, vintage and even Cypress/Delta Vista homes. I liked centromart, GO is a comparable food store. Go with GO.

  8. Putting a Grocery Outlet in that location is absured! There is enough congestion and traffic downtown already – and no room to expand the roadways! Have you been to Winco on a Saturday?? Anyone else concerned about parking?

  9. I am having trouble believing all this. Typical Brian Montgomery. You have to get that man out of there!

  10. All one has to do is look at what happened to Antioch . Armed guards shootings you name it .
    A lot to that happens in the parking lot at Grocery Outlet.

    There are so many more positive solution out there . A sports complex, Oakley ready has two one on Main Street and another on Wilbur .But this one focusing on after school activities. For at risk kids
    Just a thought.

  11. I’m excited about Grocery Outlet! A neighborhood market with lower prices sounds good to me. I would use this store for quick trips when I just need a few items. I would still go to Winco for my major grocery shopping. Lucky’s is always so crowded, long lines and high prices. I would welcome GO.

    • There are some people that don’t have a way do to no car it would be nice to just walk to get a few things i would love it

  12. Something like a whole foods, trader joes fresh and easy would be more appealing for this fresh new down town area.

  13. I think the majority has it right. As long as GO conforms with the aesthetics of the surrounding area, why wouldn’t we welcome a lower cost alternative for people who were serviced by Centro Mart for so many years. As for parking, there is a very large parcel of land directly behind the building, wouldn’t it make sense to start there? perhaps a nice entrance from that side? Just some thoughts. Playing the waiting game is not smart, especially if there is ANY chance of the STATE stepping in to make decisions for our city. I for one would vote to welcome Grocery Outlet with open arms!

  14. You guys really think a Trader Joes, ugh, or a Whole Foods would go into Oakley? That is why the new Sprouts Farmer’s Market is going into the far far side of Brentwood. I mean far, like ByPass and Marsh Creek Road.

  15. You guys really think a Trader Joes, yuck, or Whole Foods would really go into Oakley? That is why Sprouts Farmer’s Market is going in in far far Brentwood. Far as in ByPass Road and Marsh Creek Road.

  16. They should put a YMCA or Boys n Girls club that would give the kids somewhere to go and something to do after school besides hang out with gangs and get into drugs.

  17. I was so happy to hear that Grocery Outlet was coming to Oakley. Please don’t base your opinion about the store on the in Antioch! Check out the one in Dublin. The new Grocery Outlets fit right in with the neighborhood. When i lived on Maui I worked with all the top chefs. And we all loved going to Grocery Outlet. It was in Kahului. We could find exotic food items and small amounts of staples (unlike Costco) at rock bottom prices. Now they have all kinds of name brand products. I would have loved a Sprouts but that just isn’t our demographic at the moment.

    • I say bring on Grocery Outlet to Oakley it will be a great addition to our section 8 community… And lets bring a Head shop to our once quiet little Town also or mabey another Mexican restaurant… WTF…

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