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Brentwood Union School District and Liberty Union School District Move Towards Reopening

by ECT

On Wednesday, both the Brentwood Union School District and the Liberty Union High School District took steps towards reopening the Districts in January, 2021.

LUHSD Superintendent Eric Volta confirmed a 5-0 vote that would allow for the schools in the District to reopen on January 12 under the current health order.

The approved plan will be a hybrid model of both in-persona and distance learning. This would apply to Liberty High School, Heritage High School and Freedom High School. A formal announcement along with more information was to be released Friday by the District.

The move comes as parents in Brentwood have been protesting to reopen schools, including having a march saying students were falling behind and distance learning was not working.

BUSD Superintendent Dana Eaton released the following information:

Here is our update – no date yet – will be considered on November 18th for action.  The Board wants to get students back to school as the data here has improved, but is concerned about the uptick in cases across the country.  They want us to do everything we can to be ready for a possible January hybrid reopening option if the health data stays possible.  I will be sending a letter out to families today (hopefully).

Last night, the Board heard two presentations.  The first was the regular update of the status of Coronavirus in our area and the second was an update of the Hybrid Planning Process (with multiple staff members, parents and Board Members participating) that is ongoing.  The Board followed with a conversation and gave us the following direction:

  • The Board wishes to consider a reopening into a Hybrid program at the start of January
  • They would like to consider this for action at our November 18th Board Meeting
  • They would like us to send a survey out to staff and families to understand the current perspectives in our community.  The surveys would be non-binding, but used to inform decision-making.  The surveys would highlight the likely parameters of a hybrid program (but recognize that the all details aren’t finalized).
  • They would like the Task Force teams to finalize their recommendations in the next two weeks.
  • They would like us to begin negotiating now with the goal of a unified approach.
  • They would like us to have two pathways – The first pathway where students and staff could participate in a hybrid program and an additional pathway where students and staff could remain in distance learning.  
  • They would like us to work towards a possible phased reopening where some of our more at-risk students might be able to come in for assessment or support to practice our protocols.
  • They emphasized that they also wanted to continue to look at local health data and reserve the right to change their minds if they see significant changes in the data in November or after.

The health update and hybrid update presentations are both available for anyone to view (along with past presentations and information) on our webpage.

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Gerald Ellis Oct 25, 2020 - 2:32 am

Someone should tell these bozos that the virus replicates much faster during the cooler weather months! They don’t seem to have heard what the CDC has been projecting. There is no way I would let our kids return to school until the anti-virus vaccine is available and working.

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