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Brentwood Road Rage Incident Leads to Arrest

by ECT

The Brentwood Police Department responded to the area of O’Hara Avenue and Sand Creek Road for a report of a road rage incident, involving a gun. Officers searched the area and with the help of diligent citizens, they located and detained the suspect, 25 year-old Omar Massoud (Antioch), inside of Pet Food Express.

The car Massoud had been driving was determined to be the same car described to Dispatch, and was parked in front of Pet Food Express. Officers searched the car and found a loaded semi-auto handgun. Massoud, who is also on active probation, was placed under arrest and the vehicle was impounded.

Police said had it not been for our citizens assisting reporting this crime and assisting officers in locating the vehicle and suspect, Massoud would have not been arrested and the firearm would have not been recovered.

Police did not release the date or time of the incident.

PD said the incident occurred on November 18.

Information released by Brentwood Police

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james w hilton Nov 22, 2022 - 8:13 pm

just keep putting them bac out on our streets.

LoveableCurmudgeon Nov 23, 2022 - 3:33 am

Once a punk, always a punk

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