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Big Break Trail Improves Accessibility

by ECT

The City of Oakley and East Bay Parks worked together to become more friendly to bikers of the trail as two curb cuts were added this week to  ensure Big Break Regional Trail would be a continuous ride.

Curb cuts are the ramp graded down from the top surface of a sidewalk to the street. Prior to the curb cuts, bikes would have to jump off their bikes at the corner of Bynum Lane and Rutherford and reset for about a quarter half ride before getting back off their bikes and reset at the end of Piper Lane.  At the end of Piper Lane, there was an uneven surface that was corrected so that wheel chair accessibility was possible.

Jason Vogan, Public Works Director/City Engineer gave credit to Councilman Jim Frazier as he explained the new, bicycle friendly driveways are a result of an observance by Councilmember  Frazier. He is an avid trail user, and noticed that while some of the driveways were appropriate for the multi-use nature of the Big Break Trail, others weren’t.

Now it’s a smooth ride for all abilities as the trail eventually runs into the Marsh Creek Regional Trail.

“We made clear access to the trail so that all members of the community can utilize it,” explained Jim Frazier. Before the curb cuts were added, bikers had to get off their bikes and back on while it was also not wheel chair accessible and didn’t make it easy on families who pushed strollers. Now everyone can enjoy the trail”

According to Frazier, the City had been working with East Bay Parks for about three months to ensure the curb cuts would get completed.  There was also the possibility about creating a bike lane along the sidewalk of Rutherford Lane.

Frazier, who sometimes rides Big Break Trail, was riding his bike on a 26-mile ride earlier this week, approached the problem area and said he had a smile when he saw the project had been completed.

“I am very proud we were able to accomplish this project for the people who use the trail,” added Frazier.

Oakley staff managed the construction, which was performed by Swisher Cement and EBRPD funded the work. The driveways were completed at a cost of $12,000.

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Dede Hodge Jul 27, 2012 - 11:31 am

Just a little fyi. In my circle of friends “Bikers” are motorcycle riders. People who ride bikes are Bicyclists. Just a thought 😉

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I write like I talk 🙂

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cyclist, rider of a bicycle Oxford Essential Dictonary

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