Bethel Island: Sunken Boat Now Creates Navigation Hazard


If you recall back on June 5, Nate Anderson provided us with a picture of a boat which sunk in Dutch Slough near Bethel Island. 10 days later, the boat is still there.

I made my way down a very bumpy road to get a closer look and it appears that with the current, the boat has rotated to lay as a bigger nuisance  to other boaters in the area while its now considered a navigation hazard. Some residents in the are have raised concerns over oil and gas spilling into the Delta.

From what I’ve been told, the County is aware and the sheriff’s office has a report on file. It should be noted that the recovery of a vessel like this is expensive which is the likely hold up.

Here are some updated photographs from yesterday.


  1. Bumpy Road?? that was Dutch Slough Road and those bumps are intentional. I drove down it a few weeks ago and was shocked. It used to be much much nicer with lots of nice boats in the docks. Really gone down hill. The good news…its still unincorporated Contra Costa LOL

    • i live on the island and for the first time drove down Dutch Slough….some nice homes, but some really not so nice…i was surprised to see a motel/apartments on the road…

  2. On facebook, I asked Vessel Assist about this. But it doesn’t look like they were contacted to remove this. I guess the question is, who owns this boat and what are their plans to remove it?

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