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Bethel Island Loses Quick Response Vehicles

by ECT

I heard a nasty rumor early this morning that the Quick Response Vehicles (QRV) would be leaving Bethel Island. I was able to receive confirmation that July 15 will be the last day these services will be available from the Bethel Island Fire Station.

The problem now is finding housing and a location for future services to ensure response times are effective.

QRV’s are non-transporting, single-paramedic-staffed units designed to respond as part of a first response team to bring paramedic-level services to areas without fire paramedic staffing. Essentially, it provided a higher level of service to accommodate firefighters in first response situations.  QRV’s as currently staffed, were never capable of functioning as an independent first-line medical response and never were going to shorten response times.

On a temporary basis, AMR will replace the Bethel Island CRV with a 24-hour paramedic-staffed ambulance.

Here is a copy of the Letter in PDF Form AMR_QRV June 28

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