2020 Election: Filing Deadline for Candidates Seeking Election is Friday


For those looking to run for local office this fall, the candidate filing deadline is Friday, August 7 at 5:00 pm for city council/mayor seats, schools, community colleges and special districts.

Some of the races are filling up nicely, such as the Antioch Mayors Race which at one point had 8 candidates until Wade Harper withdrew on Friday—current candidates include Sean Wright, Monica Wilson, Ellie Householder, Ken Turnage II, Julio Mendez, Rakesh Kumar Christian, and Gabriel Makinano.

Perhaps the best race in Antioch will be who comes out on top in the District 3 race between councilmembers Lori Ogorchock and Lamar Thorpe—throw in Antwon Webster and Marie Arce, will be interesting to see how they impact the race

In the Brentwood Mayors race, you also has a healthy stable of candidates at 7 which include Karen Rarey, Joel Bryant, Ryan Raimondi, Mary Nunn, Brian Carleton, Steve Young and Paul La Follette.

So far in Brentwood District 1, three candidates are attempting to take out Claudette Staton which include former mayor Brian Swisher, Jovita Mendoza and Faye Maloney.  While up until recently, the District 3 seat had no interest until Indrani Golden and Victoria Sandberg pulled papers.

In Oakley, there are 7 candidates for 3 seats which Kevin Romick and Claire Alaura are seeking re-election, while Michael Krieg (appointed) is seeking election. Candidates also include George Fuller, Conan Moats, Anissa Williams, and Oleksii Chuiko.

In what seemed like Jelani Killings and Juan Antonio Baneles might get a free right into re-election, there may be a race after all as Dr. Natisa Dill pulled papers Friday.

One race to watch for a variety of reasons is the San Ramon Mayor’s race. While there are 6 candidates, that race should come down to Sabina Zafar vs. Dave Hudson. Both strong candidates that give San Ramon a nice choice on the direction they are headed—will get more into this race upon the filing close.

Walnut Creek is another city to watch as 10 candidates have pulled papers which include: Cindy Darling, Justin Wedel, Hailey Ayres, Loella Haskew, Michael Samon, Joseph Tursi, Kevin Wilk, Hasham Younas, Lauren Talbert, Kurtis Reese.

For full list of candidates and all races:

As a result of COVID-19, those seeking office for schools, community college or special districts, will need to visit the County Administration Building at 651 Pine Street in the Chambers of the Board of Supervisors. Elections staff will issue documents and accept filings from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm daily.

To ensure the safety of all, candidates will wear face coverings and abide by social distancing protocols.  Entourages will not be permitted into the Board Chambers, but may congregate outside or in the lobby of the Admin Building as long as public health rules are respected.

Lists of candidates filing for office will be published twice daily at www.cocovote.us , at noon and at the end of each day.  Candidates for city offices will file in their respective city


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