Oakley Police Seek Assistance in Armed Robbery Case

Images provided by Oakley Police

The Oakley Police Department is seeking assistance from the public in solving an armed robbery that occurred on Main Street on May 15.

According to police, the suspect approached the victim, displayed a firearm and robbed the victim of his property. The suspect ran to a vehicle and fled the scene.

Police have been able to obtain images of the vehicle, but need the public’s help to identify the year, make, and model of the vehicle.

If you can provide some help, contact the Oakley Police Department investigations unit at 925-625-8833.


  1. I don’t help the police anymore. You can try to help them, but they will not listen so what is the point. Used to be a very big helper, now I will never help

  2. need help with year, make and model?? Really? I can’t believe that. I saw that car in Oakley a couple weeks ago and even made note to my husband about it. Wish now I had remembered what that paper plate read! Hope they catch him! and yes it was a HIM in the car.

  3. Paper plates should be retired. Make the guy want for permanent plates. Who came up with that stupid practice of using paper plates?

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