Oakley City Council May Approve Two Storage Unit Facilities, Another 7-Eleven


On Tuesday, the Oakley City Council will look at approving two new storage unit facilities along with a 7-Elevent Store with a gas station.

Agenda Item 4.2 states they will host a public hearing by applicant JMI Properties Corporation to build a 107,700 square foot self-storage facility which includes a 2,200 square foot office and resident managers building on a 4.7 acre vacant lot along Neroly Road near Placer drive.

Neroly-Road-Storage-Unit-SiteBased on council action, they would change the land use designation from single-family low density residential to a commercial land use. Staff said the land has potential for up to 10 single-homes.

According to the staff report, JMI Properties Corporation has two existing self-storage unit facilities with them being in Brentwood and the other in Pittsburg.

The staff report says that the city has received several letters and e-mails from residents that live near the proposed project. Almost all of the correspondence would indicate that the residents in the area are opposed to the project. Staff has also talked with several of the residents that live near the project site and believes the main issues can be broken down into two areas: 1) Traffic and 2) Crime.


The city council will also discuss another project involving storage units nearby which would impact the Empire Road and Laurel Road intersection.

Agenda Item 4.3 states the applicant (Oakley Gateway Self-Storage and 7 –Eleven) are seeking a General Plan amendment that would allow them to utilize the vacant 3.6 acre lot at Empire and Laurel for a 101,997 -square-foot (sf) self-storage facility including a convenience store with a six multi-product dispenser fueling station with canopy.

Staff is suggesting the council approve the action because since the relinquishment of Highway 4 from Caltrans to what now is Main Street, Laurel Road is being used more as it provides direct access to Highway 4.  Currently there is no fuel option along the Laurel Road corridor and the addition of a fuel station would provide both Oakley residents and non-residents a fuel option other than what exists along Main Street.

According to the staff report, this corner has been of significant interest to the City over the past several years.  This intersection is one of the more “prime” intersections in the City in terms of location, visibility and traffic counts. All of those lend to a more favorable location when you talk to national retailers and commercial developers. Although self-storage isn’t typically associated with prime commercial corners, the applicant for this project has not had success landing a deal with a national anchor for site.

If you go:
Tuesday, August 9, 2016
6:30 p.m.
Oakley City Council Chambers
3231 Main Street, Oakley, CA


  1. Seriously – Another self storage? Can’t they find something a bit nicer to put in? If the Laurel Freeway is supposed to be the main corridor, at least make it something useful…like a real grocery store.

  2. Actually a nice green belt would be nice for the community but, oh, I forgot, only Montgomery gets a say in what happens.

    • That is exactly why Oakley needed a Planning Commission rather that the toothless advisory board we got stuck with.

  3. Sorry Oakley, looks like the council is setting up for more low income, some on probation or wanted, to become residence of the city.

  4. Thanks to an outstanding neighborhood effort, The Acorn Storage on Neroly will not proceed. The vote was 4-1 against the project. R. Pope, what were you thinking with that solo yes vote?

  5. Rezoning of 4275 Neroly Road nixed
    The council voted 4-1 to not rezone this property for storage–the neighboring community pulled together and let them know it was not the right place for such an endeavor. Did you know there are 800 plus acres in Oakley zoned for commercial use? We need to stay on top of our council–we want a great place to live-not a great place to store.

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