May 19: Oakley Bike to School Day


Street Smarts Diablo is sponsoring the first-ever Oakley-wide Bike to School Day on Friday, May 19. Supported by Superintendent Greg Hetrick, all 8 OUESD schools have signed up to participate.

Oakley Police and California Highway Patrol have been notified of the event, and drivers are strongly encouraged to drive with extra caution.

Students are reminded to use Street Smarts to stay safe while biking, skateboarding, or riding scooters:

  • Wear helmets
  • Ride on the right side of the road. Go in the same direction as traffic!
  • Make eye contact with other drivers when crossing intersections
  • Stop at red lights and stop signs

Parents are reminded to use Street Smarts while driving in the 25 MPH school zone. Oakley’s students are worth the extra time it takes to drive safely.

BIKE! Exercise the body and sharpen the mind…Eliminate school-zone traffic…Reduce air pollution…Build community…Start a healthy habit that could last a lifetime!

The following was provided by Street Smarts Diablo & 511 Contra Costa



  1. Look out kids, mom’s and dads are racing around, oh yeah, their on phones, running lights, dropping you off in the street & no parking or stopping areas, ignonring the crossing guard and all. School drop off’s in the morning are an accident waiting to happen. I sure hope OPD & the HWY PATROL nail all these idiot drivers. They are cluess of those around them.

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