Antioch: Female Confronts Masked Man Burglarizing Fathers Vehicle, Later Arrested


The Antioch Police announced the arrest of a man who was burglarizing a vehicle on Steed way.

Police say that on march 6 at 3:45 am, a female confronted a male wearing a mask burglarizing her fathers car in front of their home.  The masked burglar, who brandished a knife as he rummaged through the vehicle, then ran into Mink Ct. and disappeared.

An area check was conducted, but he was not located.

At 7:13 am, residents on Mink Ct. called police to report a masked male looking into backyards, stating he had, “dropped a knife.”

Officers located 18 year old Chayce Honey in one of the backyards.

He was positively identified by witnesses and evidence located at the scene. He was placed under arrest and sent to County Jail.



  1. Good for her for confronting him. Just be careful – and don’t confront anyone who’s already displayed a weapon. It’s not worth it. Call the police.

  2. Haven’t things gotten worse lately regarding burglars/home invaders being willing to approach and attempt to break in regardless of whether people seem to be home or paying attention? They’re not really displaying any sense of caution at all, and seem to be so desperate (and most likely drugged) that they’re willing to take terrible chances. This sounds a lot more dangerous than ordinary bums cracking sheds open or doing a quick grab from an open garage. They’re armed and irrational.

    • No fear of being caught or of any consequences. If for some miracle they are caught they’ll be back out on the street within the week.

  3. When you have no responsibility, no obligation, your roof and food are free, and no mentors or parenting you have this result. It is so sad our youth have been allowed this direction by government and society.

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