Walnut Creek Police Release Body Camera Footage in Officer Involved Fatal Shooting


On Tuesday, the Walnut Creek Police Department released video that included an explanation from the department on the officer involved fatal shooting on June 2 of Miles Hall. The video included the multiple dispatch calls and officer worn cameras and a photograph of the weapon.

At around the 11:59 minute mark of the video, they provide footage from a neighborhood surveillance video of police contact with Miles Hall. The video shows he is running towards police when police opened fire.

At the 12:54 minute mark, the video shows body worn camera footage of police coming not contact with Miles Hall holding a weapon. Police then work to provide medical care to put pressure on the wounds.

At the 16:13 minute mark, they show another officers camera footage. At 17:16 minute mark, they show another officers body camera footage.  At 17:51, they show a fourth officers camera.

At the 18:30 minute mark, they show the large pry bar at 4 ft 11-inchs tall weighing 15-lbs. It is also stated that since 2018, walnut Creek Police Officers have responded to 8 previous calls involving Miles Hall which included mental health evaluations, petty thefts, and two incidents with Hall threatening to kill family members or neighbors—in one case was armed with a knife and in another entered a neighbors backyard with a knife. Police said in a majority of these incidents they were treated as mental health issues and not criminal.

Here is the release today by Walnut Creek Police:

The Walnut Creek Police Department has committed to being transparent during this investigation. As part of this commitment, we prepared an Informational Briefing Video that includes audio from 911 calls, radio transmissions between officers and dispatch, video from officers’ body-worn cameras and a surveillance camera, as well as additional information. This Informational Briefing Video is designed to share information with the public but does not represent a conclusion to this investigation or a final report evaluating officers’ actions. The Hall family’s legal representatives reviewed this video in its entirety prior to our public release.

For complete media release click here: http://www.walnut-creek.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=20665

For informational briefing video click here: https://youtu.be/214IU1D6N6U

Below is the original press release on June 2:

DATE / TIME OCCURRED: June 2, 2019 at 4:41 p.m.

LOCATION: Arlene Lane, Walnut Creek

CRIME DESCRIPTION / CODE: Officer Involved Shooting

INVOLVED SUBJECT: 23 year old male from Walnut Creek

***This investigation is in its early stages. Information could change as the investigation continues***

Walnut Creek Police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that took place today, June 2, after multiple 911 calls regarding a disturbance at a home on Sandra Court. The first 911 call was received at 4:41 p.m. The caller said her grandson came into her room and threatened her. The dispatcher could hear a male voice yelling in the background. At 4:42 p.m., Walnut Creek Police received a call from a nearby resident, who said he could hear an argument and possibly a gunshot. At 4:47 p.m., WCPD spoke to a second resident from where the disturbance was occurring. The caller reported her son was being violent and threatened her with a metal pole. The woman said her son has mental health problems and will be aggressive with police. The woman said he broke a sliding glass window and had a metal pole with a pointed end.

Officers arrived at 4:52 p.m. At 4:53 P.M., WCPD dispatch received another 911 call from another resident on Sandra Court. The caller said a man was pounding on his front door, had a red bandana over his head and face, and a giant crow bar in his hand.

Officers searched the neighborhood and found a man with a long pry bar with a pointed end walking on Arlene Lane towards a residence. Officers gave multiple commands, ordering him to drop the pry bar. He ignored those commands, and ran towards the officers with the pry bar. One officer shot multiple less-than-lethal kinetic energy rounds (also referred to as bean bags) at the man. He continued to run at the officers, resulting in two officers firing their handguns at him. He was struck and fell to the ground, but attempted to get up. Officers were able to subdue him, and provided lifesaving measures, including CPR until paramedics arrived on the scene. He was transported to John Muir Hospital where he later died from his injuries. His family has been notified. The Coroner’s office will be releasing his name. The Walnut Creek Police Department is deeply saddened by this event as any loss of life is tragic.

The Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office and the Walnut Creek Police Department are actively working on this ongoing investigation. The five officers who were on scene will be interviewed and placed on paid administrative leave during the investigation. We anticipate releasing the officer’s Body Worn Camera footage on a later date.

If anyone has information regarding this crime please call Walnut Creek Police Department immediately at 925-935-6400 or Detective Greg Leonard at 925-256-3523.


    • Melanie, mental illness is not the same as having liver and kidney problems. The brain is very complex and many medications simply do not work, even if the person manages to take them, which many refuse to do, even under supervision.

      The public must be protected from people with violent and destructive tendencies resulting from this condition. I doubt that someone with a liver and kidney problem would start chasing people with 15 lb. sharp poles or machetes.

      • Chill out you two. All I said is it’s very sad – the interaction between the mentally ill and the police. Because it IS. I never said the police don’t have to protect the public. No shit. Quit reading too much into what someone says online. We clear?

      • I can’t speak for Melanie, but I think all she’s saying is the situation is sad. And it is.

        • I think what’s sad is that people have been putting up with this guy for so long living under threats of him harming them. You never know when or what can set these people off. You can’t relax because you never know when he’ll strike. That’s what’s sad.

        • This dangerous situation should have been handled long ago. It shouldn’t have gotten to be so bad that neighbors were frightened for their lives!

  1. I know that neighborhood! It’s a quiet, middle-class white neighborhood. What were these people and their crazy son doing living there? The police handled this properly and eliminated this danger from society and I bet the neighbors are finally at peace.

  2. Once you call the police, they’ll follow protocol. They’ll use force. It’s sad for the family and law enforcement.

    • I know some people who live there and this guy has been threatening and harassing his relatives and neighbors for years! Some people moved. Finally, their nightmare is over.

    • Sad for the family? How long has this individual been threatening them and others? How many nights did they sleep with one eye open wondering when he would barge in and bludgeon them to death? I would be relieved that the problem was finally solved. And.. they are suing the WCPD for saving their lives from a madman? UNbelievable!

  3. The WCPD saved innocent people from being murdered by this man! Apparently, he had threatened and harassed these people for some time. Thank God this is over.

  4. Now, this guy’s family is suing the WCPD for doing their job???? What did they think the police would do? Babysit him as he threatens neighbors, his own people with harm AND the police with harm? I bet it was sheer fun to live in that neighborhood. I’m surprised the neighbors put up with that family for this long. The guy has a documented history of deadly threats and more.

    Of course, they retained that AMBULANCE CHASER, John Burris! Who else?

  5. When an individual exhibits violent behavior, the authorities must take proper action and, in this case, they did.

  6. What might have worked is for the WCPD to have an expert who can use a lasso to round up that guy and tie him down and then haul him away to some funny farm. But, he would soon be released and the whole problem would start over again, ad finitum. The guys relatives should be glad that he will no longer be threatening them nor the neighbors. God! I’d hate to live in an area with such a dangerous person lurking about never knowing when he will strike. There is only so much a person can take. No one should live in fear not knowing when the next strike will come.

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