The Wet Mile – Mare Island’s Must-Visit Experience for Lovers of Finely-Crafted Drinks, Art and Rich History

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MARE ISLAND, CA Following years of under-the-radar growth, local businesses on Mare Island are introducing The Wet Mile (#WetMile) as a must-visit destination that highlights both the rich history of the area and its emergence as a source for great beer, wine, spirits and art.

The Wet Mile is located on Mare Island, a 30-minute drive south from Napa’s wine country, or a 50-minute ferry ride from San Francisco. Nestled on the northern shores of the San Francisco (San Pablo) Bay in Vallejo, CA, Mare Island was founded in 1854 as the first naval base on the West Coast. Closed in 1996 after nearly a century and a half of incredible shipbuilding legacy, Mare Island is now four square miles of former naval shipyard buildings, workshops, waterfront promenades, homes, and parks, all in varying stages of redevelopment.

The Wet Mile kicks off with its weekly signature event beginning Sunday, November 10 with “Wander the Wet Mile Sundays”, giving visitors an opportunity to explore the attractions, tastes and wares on Mare Island including tastings, tours, galleries, exhibits and entertainment. Of particular note for your calendar is the “Meet the Maker” day on Sunday, Dec 1 when all the Wet Milers will have their “makers” (winemakers, distillers, brewers, artists) on hand to greet visitors during Wet Mile Sunday.

Businesses on Mare Island welcome visitors on other days of the week, but Sundays will offer something special: artisans affiliated with The Wet Mile will open their doors collaboratively from (at least) noon to 4pm, allowing visitors get a taste of 142 years of Naval Shipyard history and the renaissance of the Mare Island waterfront.

The Wet Mile consists of new breweries, wineries, distilleries and artists that have moved into historical buildings formerly used for storing coal, housing officers, or hiding some the Cold War’s most secret documents. Participating Wet Mile businesses include:

Many of the attractions featured on Wet Mile Sundays are free of charge and include tours, tastings, art classes, exhibits, and food trucks.

According to Wet Mile spokesperson and Mare Island Brewing Co. co-founder Kent Fortner, “Craftsmanship has been reborn at Mare Island’s Historic Waterfront Core, and we’re eager to share what Mare Island has to offer visitors.”

He added, “Mare Island is a unique place, where–in keeping with its legacy as the west coast’s most important and largest shipyard–anything can be built. A number of pioneering craftspeople have set up in the workshops on the historic waterfront, and one day, this loose cadre of hardy artisans looked around and realized that with just a little bit of coordination of opening hours on Sundays, we could provide visitors here with a rich, full-day experience wandering along the waterfront and historic core, getting a taste of the history along the way.”

The former Captain’s row of houses now serve as the backdrop for numerous Hollywood movies. Brick buildings, the West’s first dry-docks, air raid bunkers and majestic cranes remain as they were built, and—along with the local museum—reveal the rich history and contribution to the nation of this incredible shipyard.

Visitors can learn more about The Wet Mile, its attractions and event schedule by visiting

About Mare Island’s Wet Mile

Originally home to the first naval base on the West Coast (established 1854), Mare Island now houses The Wet Mile, a group of new breweries, wineries, distilleries, artists, museums and craftspeople committed to preserving history and providing visitors with incredible memories and tastes. The Wet Mile group of businesses work and operate in historical buildings originally used for storing coal, housing officers, or hiding some of the Cold War’s most secret documents. Visitors hoping to experience everything The Wet Mile has to offer are encouraged to wander the Wet Mile on Sundays, when the founding companies open their doors, workshops and tasting rooms from noon to 4PM. For more information on the Wet Mile, visit Hashtag: #WetMile