Three Teens Arrested in Streets of Brentwood Robbery


The Brentwood Police Department announced the arrest of three Antioch teens who had committed a 3-hour crime spree at the Streets of Brentwood.

According to police, three juveniles were arrested after committing a robbery at Smart Tech Ready on Sand Creek Road. The three juveniles (14-15 yr old Antioch residents) stole several items and then struck the store employee before fleeing the store.

An alert citizen noticed the trio running through the parking lot and contacted officers, advising of their direction of travel.

Officers apprehended the juveniles, who were found to have stolen items from Smart Ready Tech, Hot Topic, Zumies, Game Stop and the Spirit Halloween Store, totaling more than $1,400.

All three juveniles were transported to Juvenile Hall on numerous charges, including robbery, conspiracy to commit a crime and concealing evidence. The names were not released because they are juveniles.


  1. At 14-15 I’m sure these teens can find better things to do with their time. This is sad to read but is becoming the norm in society where lawlessness is on the rise. Kudos to the vigilant citizen for calling it in and I hope the employee(s) who were injured, a speedy recovery.

  2. Glad the jerks were caught. This is not 1st time stores robbed and people assaulted in that shopping center. Unless they get better security the lives of the employees are at risk.

    • All businesses should be armed and ready to take out individuals who put them in mortal danger!

  3. Make an example of them, all charges for theft and battery, it is clear they just didn’t take something from one store it was multiple stores not just a spur of the moment thing, lock their sorry asses up and hold the parents accountable. end of story.

  4. Their names must be revealed! Enough of this shit we’re taking because they are “juveniles.” Stop with the BS already!

    • For starters, yes! Then something else should be cut off so they never reproduce! Enough of this nonsense!

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