Discovery Bay: Large Column of Smoke Prompt ECCFPD Response at Controlled Burn


Just before 1:00 pm Friday, the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District received multiple reports of a large column of smoke coming from Orwood Road in the Town of Discovery Bay.

The District was aware of a controlled burn schedule for Friday in the area of Orwood and Fallman Road, however, the fire continued to get larger which prompted Engine 59 to respond.

While on scene, Engine 59 reported 10-15 small fires on the property, however, there was no threat to any structures. The people on scene were warned that if the fire continued to get out of control, they would return and could face a penalty.

No action was taken other than a warning and units cleared the scene.


  1. This was ridiculous, there was smoke covering Contra Costa, San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties for hours and this was all because of a controlled burn? Seems like a high price to pay for all of the tens of thousands of citizens breathing this, all for the convenience of someone wanting to have a “controlled burn”.
    Where was Bay Area Air Quality Management, who administers permits for controlled burns.

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