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Schubert Issues Statement in Response to Planned Release of 76,000 California Inmates

by ECT

Sacramento County, Calif. – – Today Sacramento’s District Attorney and candidate for Attorney General, Anne Marie Schubert called on Appointed Attorney General Rob Bonta to oppose new regulations that could result in the early release of 76,000 California inmates including 63,000 prisoners convicted of violent crimes.

On Saturday, the California Department of Corrections (CDCR) announced that it would increase early release credits for the estimated 76,000 inmates.

“Over the weekend, with little to no public input, CDCR announced regulations that will result in the early release of tens of thousands of dangerous inmates and have a drastic effect on public safety,” said Anne Marie Schubert. “This is wrong and dangerous for California. The Appointed Attorney General should oppose these rules that will result in thousands of dangerous inmates being released. The job of the Attorney General is to enforce the law to keep the public safe. To sit back and do nothing speaks volumes about his values towards public safety, crime victims and his ability to lead the office of the state’s top law enforcement officer. “These new regulations are yet another example of the abandonment of victim’s rights and the danger that all Californians face with the early release of violent and dangerous people.

“Inmates convicted of felony domestic violence, hate crimes, human trafficking of a child, rape of a developmentally disabled person, and assault with a deadly weapon are now allowed to have their sentences reduced by 50% under these new rules. Inmates with long records of violent crimes are getting these reduced sentences under these new rules. As of December 2020, 4500 convicted sex offenders currently in prison will qualify for these reduced sentences.”

Anne Marie Schubert is currently serving her second term as Sacramento County’s District and is a candidate for Attorney General. She has over 30 years of experience as a prosecutor and is an outspoken advocate for crime victims and public safety. She is challenging former State Assemblyman Rob Bonta, who was recently appointed to the position in spite of his lack of prosecutorial experience.

For more information about her campaign please visit www.SchubertForAg.com.

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Ray Noble May 5, 2021 - 9:33 pm

Yes, folks! That’s all we need! 76,000 VIOLENT criminals released to us! Better hit the firing ranges fast and get your practice in because you will have to protect yourselves because the police will not get to you in time!

Karen Livingston May 8, 2021 - 4:19 pm

I’m going to vote for her simply to just get rid of that super-leftie, Bonta!

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