Rio Vista: Multiple Vehicle Crash at SR 12 and SR 160


For those of you looking to get out of town Monday ahead of the holiday, use caution at Highway 12 and I-160 in Rio Vista after multiple vehicles and a big rig accident was reported. At least one vehicle is overturned.

Upon arrival, it was reported that two vehicles and two big rigs were involved.

The crash was reported at 9:34 am.

Update via Rio Vista Fire:

4 vehicles involved, including 2 Semi Trucks. 7 patients, 6 transported by ground, 1 by CHP Helicopter H-30. After the patients were treated and transported, Fire crews assisted Law Enforcement with clearing hazards from the roadway and then turned the scene over to CHP.


Detail Information
9:41 AM 13 [35] A112-090 1185R FOR OT PK
9:39 AM 12 [32] SAC FIRE LOG 839
9:39 AM 11 [30] XFR TO SOLANO FIRE
9:37 AM 10 [15] [Notification] [CHP]-2 BIG RIGS AND 2 VEHS INV’D // 1 VEH STUCK UNDER THE TRAILER OF ONE RIG // ONE RED TKPK OT’D ***** 1179 ***** [Shared]
9:37 AM 9 [14] [Notification] [CHP]-Problem changed from 1183-Trfc Collision-Unkn Inj to 1179-Trfc Collision-1141 Enrt by CHP [Shared]
9:37 AM 8 [13] POSS WHI LEXS and BIG RIG INV’D
9:37 AM 7 [12] XFR SOLANO FIRE
9:36 AM 6 [26] [Appended, 09:39:05] [3] BLOCKING LNS
9:36 AM 5 [11] 1039 SAC FIRE
9:36 AM 4 [10] [Notification] [CHP]-PER ANOTHER EB JEO RIO VISTA BRIDGE [Shared]
9:35 AM 3 [24] [Appended, 09:39:05] [1] BIG RIG VS WHI SD
9:34 AM 2 [6] [Appended, 09:35:59] [2] VEH STUCK UNDER RIG
9:34 AM 1 [5] [Appended, 09:35:59] [1] VEH VS BIG RIG



  1. Hope everyone makes it out of this ok. People need to remember that the big rigs cannot stop on a dime n you absolutely have to leave space between you and the car in front of you. The tailgating on all these roads is totally out of control.

  2. I go through Rio Vista often. People drive terrible on the levy roads headed out there, always trying to pass the big rigs. Maybe if the cars stayed the speed limit and everyone stopped trying to pass multiple cars at a time these terrible accidents could be prevented


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