Hercules PD Locate Antioch Armed Robbery Getaway Vehicle, Driver Arrested


The Hercules Police Department reports that on July 10 at 5:12 a.m., a Traffic Officer was conducting traffic enforcement in the area of John Muir Parkway. He noticed a Honda Civic that was described as a felony vehicle trailed it to westbound I-80 at the Appian Way off ramp, dispatched confirmed the felony vehicle and he initiated a felony stop.

The Honda was used as a getaway vehicle in an armed robbery that occurred in Antioch on July 9, 2019. The driver, 26yr old Shaneta Brown, of Pittsburg was detained.

Police said Brown had an unrelated warrant for theft out of Antioch. Antioch Police arrived to take custody of the Honda and Brown was transported to Martinez Detention Facility.


    • My great-grandmother said that Antioch was a great place to live in during the 1950’s and 1960’s and then, gradually, it started falling apart! Started looking like a slum! I wonder what caused such a tumble downhill?

      Now, ghetto hood rats living here as traveling to San Francisco to break into cars One was caught!

  1. You guys forgot to mention that she wasn’t the driver in the robbery SHE WAS AT WORk. You guys also forgot to mention that the police knew who the actual female is. Dont try to pin anything on anyone becsuse you didn find the actual driver which was supposed to be her friend “taking care of motherly things”. Shaneta

    • It says the Armed Robbery Getaway Vehicle and she had an UNRELATED warrant. Never said she was part of the robbery, only the vehicle was. And how would we know she was at work?

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