Election Update: Quick Look at Who Has Pulled Papers

Photo by Contra Costa Elections

In what has been a rather unusually slow start to the November 2018 election season, several local races are starting to become more clear of who is seeking office.

In speaking to several city clerks around the county, they have commented at how “slow” this season has been with regards to candidates pulling papers and filing after the filing period opened on July 16 and will run through August 10–if an incumbent does not file, that particular race is open another week until August 15.

Here is a snap shot at some of the local races as of Thursday afternoon:

(Q) = qualified for the ballot.

Ambrose Recreation & Park

  1. Trina Hudson
  2. Mae Torlakson

Antioch City Council (2 seats for 2 years)

  1. Nora Foster
  2. Janice Lipnisky
  3. Rodney Mcclelland
  4. Joy Motts
  5. Lori Ogorchock
  6. Caroleve Prudence Capelle
  7. Tony Tiscareno (Q)

Antioch Unified School District (2 seats)

  1. Candida Gonzalez-Amigo
  2. James Davis
  3. Elizabeth Householder
  4. Shagoofa Khan
  5. Clyde Lewis (Q)
  6. Mary Rocha

BART (San Francisco Bay Area Transit

  1. Mark Foley
  2. Joel Keller (I)
  3. Pearlie Ward

Bethel Island Municipal Improvement

  1. Frederick C Bonilla (Q)
  2. Bruce Smith (Q)

Brentwood City Council

  1. Joel Bryant
  2. John Fink (Q)
  3. Michael Jones
  4. Johnny Rodriguez

Brentwood Union School

  1. Thuy Dao Jensen

Byron Sanitary

  1. Daniel Kelley (Q)

Byron Union School

  1. Eva Pahl
  2. Robert Carlstorn

Central Contra Costa Sanitary

  1. Stephen Maris
  2. Michael McGill
  3. David Williams

Contra Costa Board of Education – Area 2

  1. Sarah Butler
  2. Diddo Clark
  3. Christine Deane

Contra Costa Board of Education – Area 4

  1. John Crowder
  2. Michael Maxwell (Q)

Contra Costa County Board of Education – District 5

  1. Annette Lewis
  2. Walter Ruehlig
  3. Debra Vinson

Contra Costa Community College – Ward 1

  1. John E. Marquez

Contra Costa Community College – Ward 3

  1. Rebecca Barrett
  2. Murray Bishop
  3. Michael Menesini
  4. Joe Munoz

Contra Costa Community College – Ward 4

  1. Newell Arnerich
  2. Jian Li
  3. Harleston Abram Wilson

Contra Costa Water District, Division 1

  1. Lisa Borba

Contra Costa Water District, Division 2

  1. John A Burgh (Q)

Diablo Water

  1. Enrico Cinquini
  2. Howard Hobbs
  3. Kenneth Crockett

Discovery Bay Community Services District

  1. Kevin Graves
  2. Bryon Gutow (Q)
  3. Robert Leete (Q)

East Bay Regional Park District – Ward 6

  1. Beverly Lane (I)

East Bay Regional Park District – Ward 7

  1. Colin Coffey (I)

East Contra Costa Fire Protection District (5 seats)

  1. Susan Morgan
  2. Brian Oftedal
  3. Carrie Nash
  4. Stephen Smith
  5. Susanna Thompson
  6. Joseph Young

Ironhouse Sanitary District

  1. Chris Lauritzen (Q)
  2. Susan Morgan (Q)

Knightsen School

no candidates at this time

Knightsen Town Community Services

  1. Tricia Bello-Kunkel (Q)
  2. Linda Matteri
  3. Sandra Maxfield

Liberty Union High

  1. Pauline Allred

Mt. Diablo Unified School

  1. Cherise Khaund
  2. Debra Mason (Q)
  3. Linda Mayo

Oakley City Council

  1. Michael Dupray
  2. Sue Higgins

Oakley Union Elementary

  1. Mark Jordan

Pittsburg City Council

  1. Marilyn Craft
  2. Wolfgang Croskey (Q)
  3. Durie Foster, Jr.
  4. Mark Gargalikis
  5. Holland Barret White

Pittsburg Unified School District

  1. Joseph Arenivar (Q)
  2. Candida Duperrior
  3. Duane Smith (Q)
  4. De’Shawn Woolridge (Q)

For more information on key dates, visit Contra Costa County Elections.


  1. Hey ECT, I think you got the candidates in Oakley confused with Dumb and Dumber. Is that really the best Oakley can come up with? What a freaking joke that is.

  2. Gawd, the party of Trump infiltrating Pittsburg City Council- watch your backs (and fronts!) Go figure. *Shuddering* as a conservative (party of Reagan and Lincoln)

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