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Letter: Antioch POA Says “Yes” to Measure W, Support Ogorchock, Tiscareno, Rocha, Lewis

by ECT

The following Letter to the Editor was submitted by Antioch Police Officer Association President Steve Aiello:


Antioch Citizen’s.

My name is Steve Aiello and I am the current Antioch Police Officer’s Association President. The ballot on November 6th is a very important ballot for the citizens of Antioch. There are several important decisions to be made, both locally and state wide.


First off I’d like to talk about Measure W. While Measure W is only ½ cent more than Measure C, the increased funds available to the police department could be instrumental to improving the overall safety of our community. Tax increases are not ideal. However, additional monies from Measure W could help increase the police departments staffing, lower police response times to emergency calls and continue to keep our youth safe. Measure C has afforded the city to hire 58 police officers and increase code enforcement staffing.  Although the net number of officers is significantly lower than many of us would like. The City cannot control attrition due medical retirements, service retirements, terminations and lateral transfers. If we allow Measure C to expire without anything to replace it, the staffing of the Police department will decrease significantly and we will not be able to replace those who have left.


Measure W will continue to allow the city to hire additional police officers and increase code enforcement staffing. The hiring of additional police officers could allow the police department to increase its aggressive efforts  with traffic enforcement, combat gang violence, and overall improve the quality of life and safety of the citizens and businesses of Antioch.


As the POA President I have followed the Measure C monies to ensure they are spent as they were intended. The oversight committee has proven successful, and I am confident the committee will continue to hold the city council accountable and ensure the monies are spent as promised.


I have heard many are concerned about voting for Measure W due to lack of trust with the council. The oversight committee will ensure the monies are spent as council directs.  You as citizens have the power to vote in a council that will do the right thing and commit to spending the Measure W monies where it is most needed, such as police staffing.


Your vote for the two city council seats up for re-election are just as important as your YES vote on Measure W. I have spoken with Councilman Tony Tiscareno and Councilwoman Lori Ogorchock, and they are committed to making Antioch viable and safe for its current and  future citizens and businesses. This is why the APOA has chosen to support both Tony and Lori for re-election.  They are the only REAL choices for Antioch City council.


Families and businesses prioritize moving to new communities by the general feeling of a safe community. The city of Antioch is on the right path to achieving this goal. However, they cannot do it without the investment from its citizens. YES on Measure W is an investment into a safer community. Mayor Sean Wright, Councilman Tony Tiscareno and Councilwomen Lori Ogorchock are committed to this goal.


Vote YES on MEASURE W and vote for Tony Tiscareno and Lori Ogorchock for city council.


The Antioch Police Officer’s Association has also endorsed Mary Rocha and Clyde Lewis for Antioch School Board. I personally have known Mary for over 20 years. Mary brings compassion and experience to the school board and always has the students best interests in mind.


I have met with Clyde Lewis on several occasions, and have had the opportunity to get to know him on a professional level. I believe Clyde can bring new innovative ideas to the school board that will benefit the students of the district.


Vote to Elect Mary Rocha and Clyde Lewis to Antioch School Board.



Steve Aiello
Antioch POA President

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