ECCFPD Collects 25 Lbs of Fireworks During Take Back Event


The East Contra Costa Fire Protection District reported that over the weekend, their amnesty program allowing anyone within the District to turn in fireworks without questions asked, resulted in 25-lbs of fireworks being turned in.

The district stated that some of the fireworks turned in, if caught by police, would have resulted in felony charges.

The District held three Firework Take Back Events over the weekend at each station in Brentwood, Discovery Bay and Oakley.

All fireworks are illegal in East Contra Costa Fire Protection District to include so-called safe and sane ones.

“Fireworks are illegal and dangerous both for the people who use them and, in our current high-fire-risk conditions, for everyone around them,” said Brian Helmick, Fire Chief, East Contra Costa Fire Protection District. “This program gives our citizens an opportunity to safely dispose of fireworks before they can cause injury, wildfires or worse.”

Below is our podcast episode we had with Fire Marshal Steve Aubert.


  1. BFD! 25 lbs? My cat weighs 25 lbs! They should have confiscated 25,000 lbs of the vile stuff!

  2. That’s not a lot. What a waste. Easy money for those working it. Sit there and do absolutely nothing.

  3. It’s not a waste. Those 25 lbs. could burn down your neighborhood. Then you’d really be whining. Do you prefer injury, wildfire or worse? Grow up.

  4. The sky is falling! The idea was good. The haul in was terrible. Hope they didn’t work OT for this. Better off cruising the district on the 4th and giving out citations. Maybe more advertising the event next year.

  5. The whole idea is to get this off the streets – period. It’s not like they sit around estimating the amount, and it’s a failure if they don’t hit their goal. They’re not sales people working on commission. With the exception of Nick, you people are clueless.

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