District Attorney Diana Becton Issues Statement on Election

By Diana Becton


On Election Day, voters made it clear that they support me as Contra Costa County District Attorney over both other candidates for the job. We are celebrating our victory today — but we know that this race is not over until every single ballot has been counted. My team will be closely watching the final count because there are over 50,000 votes that have not yet been counted — so it is still possible that our final vote tally will put us over the 50% mark. We simply won’t know for certain until every vote is counted.

I know we ran the best campaign we possibly could — and that is because we had the committed and passionate support of community members across the county. I am so grateful for our volunteers, our donors, and our supporters — I have learned so much from all of you and I could not have come this far without all of your efforts. Together, we are making history in Contra Costa county. That work will continue.

Whether or not this race continues through November, I pledge to continue my efforts to bring integrity and fairness and a new approach to criminal justice to our District Attorney’s office. I will also continue my efforts to work directly in our communities to bring justice to all of our residents.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone in our county that Your Vote Matters. This was a very tight race and just a few hundred votes will decide whether or not the result is final – and whether or not we will have to keep running to win in November.

Thank you, again, to all of my supporters! As soon as every vote is counted, I will be in touch to let you know what is next. In the meantime, I am lifted up by your overwhelming support, and I will be celebrating our win!

Diana Becton


      • How much time do you have? Last summer the county Board of Supervisors had the responsibility to select someone to serve as interim DA after former DA Mark Peterson resigned in the wake of felony charges. Instead of selecting an experienced prosecutor (Paul Graves) who had successfully managed the two most complex units in the DA’s office (homicide and sexual assault), and who had the support of his peers and of the other agencies who work with that office because of his reputation for ethics, leadership, and ability to get things done, in a 3-2 vote they chose to select someone (Becton) who extensively plagiarized her application for the position and had never prosecuted a case in her life. Not surprisingly, while she likes to talk at campaign appearances about how she is reforming the office, she has not delivered on any of the promises she made during her appointment. She works minimal hours and is frequently absent, takes credit for work done before she took office or has been done by others, but has done nothing to change the structure or practices of the office or to effect real change. As the president of the DA’s association said recently, there’s a difference between wanting to have the job, and wanting to do the job. She’s only interested in the title and the perks, and the county is going to pay the price for her incompetence.

    • It’s that idiot Federal Glover who got her into the DA’s office. He should be kicked out along with her.

  1. It would be terrible if this woman elected DA! The criminals would rejoice like nobody’s business if she made it.

  2. If she wins, ALL of Contra Costa County will be totally screwed…..Crime will be at an all time high, dont fool yourselves

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