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Contra Costa County Elections Say 80,000 Ballots to be Counted

by ECT

While the Contra Costa County voting totals currently are at 20.74%, County Elections say many more ballots will be counted.

As of Tuesday night:

Ballots Cast
Registered Voters


According to County Elections, they said Wednesday they have about 70,000 more ballots to count along with another 10,000 provisional ballots to count.

There will be no more updates on elections results until around 5:00 pm on Friday as they are spending Wednesday and Thursday extracting the ballot cards, verifying signatures, then counting the votes explained County Elections Spokesman Paul Bergarino.

Even then, counting all the ballots may continue into next week as county elections saw a wave of voting the final day of the election for both mail in ballots, provisional ballots, and surrendering a mail in ballot to instead vote at the booth.

While most of the County races are set based on current results, one race that may be impacted is the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Race where Diana Becton could still surpass the 50%+1 threshold to win the seat outright.

  • 49.59% (51,522) – Diana Becton
  • 42.06% (43,699) – Paul Graves
  • 8.02% (8,521) – Lawrence Steven Strauss

Becton said in a statement Wednesday, “On Election Day, voters made it clear that they support me as Contra Costa County District Attorney over both other candidates for the job. We are celebrating our victory today — but we know that this race is not over until every single ballot has been counted.”

If Becton cannot pass the 50% threshold, she and Paul Graves would have a runoff in November.

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