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Brentwood Welcomes New Mayor and Councilpersons

by ECT
Susannah Meyer and Jovita Mendoza

On Tuesday, the city of Brentwood welcomed its new Mayor, Joel Bryant along with new councilmembers Jovita Mendoza and Susannah Meyer.

According to Contra Costa County Elections, Bryant beat out Karen Rarey by 590 votes to earn the mayor’s seat. Meanwhile, in District 1, Mendoza won 28.79% of the vote beating out Faye Maloney by 208 votes, Brian Swisher by 289 votes, and incumbent Claudette Staton by 492 votes. In District 3, Susannah Meyer cruised to victory earning 44.31% of the vote.

Councilwoman Mendoza Tuesday thanked her family for the support during the campaign and all the issues she had worked in within the city of Brentwood.

“I am excited to get to get to work with all of you and help build a local government that puts residents at the top of the mind,” said Mendoza.

Councilwoman Meyer also thanked her family and supporters while encouraging the community to reach out often to provide feedback on city business.

“This is not something I take lightly, I do recognize the responsibility and the accountability that comes with taking this seat, but I am so very honored that the community trusted me enough to vote for me and I can’t possibly thank them enough for take the chance to elect me into this position,” stated Meyer. “I am very much about communication, transparency and engaging with the community. I would encourage everyone to reach out as often as frequently and regularly as you can. Your feedback will only make myself and the rest of the council better.”

Mayor Joel Bryant thanked the both of them for stepping up and serving.

Editors Note: here are links to podcasts with Bryant, Mendoza and Meyer.

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