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#105: A Chat With Joel Bryant, City of Brentwood Mayoral Candidate

by ECT

In this episode, I chat with Brentwood Vice Mayor Joel Bryant who is running for Mayor.  We talk about what he has accomplished on the City Council the past 10 years, we talk about public safety and economic development and where he sees Brentwood headed.


Episode Overview:

  • 1:23 – Bryant explains why he is running for mayor.  He talks about public safety (police and fire), economic development while talking about the
  • 09:19 – how do we take advantage of Brentwood having the ability to reach 11,000 potential customers with fiber-optic service
  • 12:50 – We address the knock on Bryant that he has been “quiet” the last few weeks, Bryant explains he had been dealing with the death of his mother in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • 14:59 – We get into Bryant’s thoughts on the Brentwood Police Department and the national rhetoric.  We also get into the importance of creating its own dispatch center. We also talk about “Black Lives Matter” and how Bryant says there is no place anywhere for bigotry.
  • 28:22 – We get into the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District and a solution. We get into how the District was formed, the financial issues, history and more.  We also get into the possibility of consolidation. Bryant also explains how LAFCO will not even allow it to happen.
  • 39:32 – We discuss the Brentwood Homeless situation and possible solutions.
  • 49:53 – We move into agriculture and further development to become an attraction. Bryant talks about saving nearly 1,000 acres of agricultural land. We get into Tess Kitchen and the fiasco with the county. We talk about more wineries and farming land. He wants farmers to no longer be hindered by unnecessary regulations. We also get into the erroneous Harvest Time grant – where two councilmembers opted to reduce it, three councilmemebrs rejected that and increased it.
  • 59:00 – We get into the Youth Center and the vote for the architect which Karen Rarey opposed. Turned out the architect will now also provide services for senior center within same contract.  Bryant talks about the potential with the building including working with the non-profits and building trades for those who may not go to college.
  • 1:11:40 – Where does Bryant see Brentwood headed in next 4-years.
  • 1:16:16 – Bryant highlights why voters should consider voting for him for Mayor.
  • 1:20:50 – How you can contact Bryant.

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