Aug 18: Brownstone Gardens to Host Bridal Faire


I wanted to give a shout out to Brownstone Gardens this morning who will be hosting a Bridal Faire on August 18 between the hours of 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. While the event is a few weeks out, I wanted to give some notice to those newly engaged couples who may want to attend or have not finalized their wedding date.

While this will be a wedding focuses event, it is also an opportunity to check out the beautiful facility which is ideal for hosting other types of events as well.  The event is FREE and even will have a Grand Prize Raffle of $500 towards a new wedding while other prizes will be available from other local vendors.

Brownstone Gardens puts on this bridal faire about once a year for the last five years, however,  last year was the first time they put on without outside help. They had 55 brides registering with 250 people in attendance.  So far, 20 vendors have signed up and vendors can still register for a spot up til around the 15th.

“We like to get the word out to the brides. A bride usually has a couple of other friends coming with them who are getting married. Even if its not someone getting married, its a good thing to host. Its also great for people who have not booked their venue yet. Last year, we booked 5 weddings during the bridal faire. One of our DJ vendors booked 12 weddings right after the bridal faire,” said Kay-Kay Hines.

I spoke with Stacey Chance of Discovery Bay Studios Photography who’s picture is used on the flyer, he will be attending the event as a vendor and explained how he wanted to showcase his business services and talents to new brides and grooms. Chance says they have done many photos and video events at Brownstone Gardens and loves the venue because of the angles they get when shooting which other venues do not have.

“This is the first one we have attended. It’s a beautiful venue and a lot of brides should come out and see the property because it’s a hidden gem of Oakley,” said Chance.

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For more information on Brownstone Gardens, visit their website. They also have a Facebook page

For more information on Discovery Bay Studios Photography, visit their website.


  1. Beautiful facility. I love when I get invitations from Friends and the chose Brownstone as their venue for their wedding.

  2. I was married there and would recommend this place to anyone engaged or thinking about getting married. It’s so beautiful.

  3. They were great for our event. Thanks for posting, I will tell my friends who are engaged to make sure they go.

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