Assemby District 11 Race in Final Stretch


The Reporter put out a brief article today on the Assembly District 11 race between Jim Frazier and Mike Hudson. It bounced around a bit and really didn’t provide anything new, but figured I’d share it anyway.  The thing that amazes me is how no one in the media has called out Mike Hudson on his BS!

He talks a decent game, but his actions just haven’t been there. He says he is a big supporter of the Delta, but what has he done for the Delta? He talks a big game on jobs, but how many jobs has he created as vice Mayor?

While Mr. Hudson preaches his conservative values, word is that Mr. Hudson stiffed his former campaign manager for tens of thousands of dollars. His campaign manager left due to non-payment. For someone who talks a big game, these actions are say otherwise.

Frazier on the other hand doesn’t have to talk, his actions speak for him. He has done things Mike Hudson has only hoped to accomplish.

Anyway, here is the article.

Solano County’s Assembly races in final stretch

By Ryan Chalk/ [email protected]

Posted:   10/28/2012 01:08:21 AM PDT

With nine days left before voting booths open in Solano County, local voters will have the opportunity to influence who wins a seat in two newly redrawn state Assembly districts.

Due to redistricting last summer, the boundary lines for state Assembly have been redrawn, creating the 11th Assembly District. The new district has no incumbent and encompasses four of Solano County’s cities and four Delta communities in Contra Costa County.

Dubbed the “Delta District,” candidates Mike Hudson, 51, of Suisun City, and Jim Frazier, 53, of Oakley are squaring off at the polls. Both elected officials, Hudson, a Republican is Suisun City vice mayor, while Frazier, a Democrat, is an Oakley city councilman.

Both are strong supporters of protecting the Delta. In that arena, Frazier touts his seat on the state Delta Protection Commission.

Hudson said his No. 1 message to voters ahead of the election is the need for jobs. He lamented what he characterizes as the state’s hostile business environment.

“We need jobs, we need to improve our economy. We seem to be doing a good job of driving business out of California,” he said.

Second on his list is education.

“Our kids are our future. They’re our future workforce,” he said.

Frazier points to his work in Oakley, where he said he’s been successful at creating jobs, through his ownership of a small business and securing $83 million for transit projects in his area, resulting in 1,400 new jobs.

“I want to make sure we maintain a strong voice in Sacramento,” Frazier said.



  1. I still have some sour grapes on the City of Oakley home scandle with the City Manager.I’m voting for Mike Hudson a more honest choice.

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