Report Gill’s Inexperience, 9th Congressional District Wouldn’t be Close


Josh Richman of the Contra Costa Times is hit or miss on his articles and today’s piece on Jerry McNerney and Ricky Gill was a big whiff. While this race is going to be close, it really shouldn’t if the media would do its job instead of  failing the voters once again as they failed to actually look into Ricky Gill’s lack of experience.

Even the San Francisco Chronicle stated Ricky Gill has never held a full-time job.

His stint on the California State Board of Education is being exaggerated. The position was as a student representative  and was only a year long. How much work could he really have done as a student and in just twelve meetings? While he gets kudos for the appointment, he really didn’t do much in that position.

One line stuck out to me in the article was by Robert Benedetti, a University of the Pacific political science professor and panelist at Oct. 15’s McNerney-Gill debate in Stockton when he stated:

“McNerney ran on his record and was bringing it up a lot,” Benedetti said. “Gill ran more on who he is and on criticizing McNerney, because he doesn’t have a record.”

This is 100% true and you should watch the video from the debate because Gill was “Mr. Negative” and has been throughout the campaign. He even took shots when given the opportunity to explain the negative mail pieces.  I was glad McNerney called him out on that.

Gill has called McNerney a “Jerry-come-latley” to the Delta. Excuse me Mr. Gill, but how many meetings have you attended on the Delta, how many times have you spoke out? What have you actually done for the Delta while you were away at school since you were 18-25 and away from school? That is six years outside the District which is the same thing you are accusing McNerney who had his lines redrawn.

More importantly, Mr. Gill’s dirty little secret is he has accepted tens of thousands of dollars from special water interests from down South.  Specifically, a $5,000 contribution from the California Westlands Farmers Political Action Committee. If any of you have watched the Over Troubled Waters movie, Westland Water District is the ones going hard for our water. McNerney used the term “hell bent” on going after our water.

Here is a link to just who the Westland Water folks are and those who want to steal our water–they will make millions.

For the record, if one is so against the canal as they claim, they would not accept money from the group that wants the water! It’s that simple.

Finally, its time for the media to stop using the name “Ricky” Gill, his name is Ranjit Gill!

Here is the Times article


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