Assemblymember Frazier and Volunteers Work Together in Delta Waterway Cleanup Event


frazier creek cleanup

Brannan Island, CA – Assemblymember Jim Frazier (D-Oakley) and almost 80 volunteers joined forces last weekend to participate in the Delta Waterway Cleanup sponsored by the California Coastal Commission, the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy, and the Delta Protection Commission.

Participants had the opportunity to volunteer at four different sites including Lower Morrison Creek, Sandy Beach, Brannan Island, and Clarksburg. The volunteers paid tribute to California’s waterways and shorelines by working together to remove trash that had accumulated in the Delta region over the past year. Trash can travel via inland creeks, streams, wind, storm drains, and sewers; California’s waterways are often a last line of defense to prevent debris from harming our oceans, wildlife, and recreation sites.

Local landowners were also encouraged to bring any illegally dumped tires to the Brannan Island recycling point, where Bridgestone’s One Team One Planet tire recycling program assisted in removing and recycling illegally dumped tires free of charge.

“It is imperative that all Californians be proactive in preserving our State’s beautiful waterways and coastlines,” said Assemblymember Frazier. “This event serves as an important reminder that we all have a responsibility to reduce, prevent, and clean up waste that we as consumers constantly create.”

According to Susan Roberts of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy, volunteers were able to collect over 4,200 pounds of waste and recycled 130 illegally discarded tires between all four cleanup sites despite the rainy weather.

frazier creek cleanup2

One of the particularly odd items that Brannan Island volunteers discovered during their cleanup was a full size hot tub that was discarded in the Sacramento River. Assemblymember Frazier was able to capture a picture of the hot tub and is currently running a contest on his Facebook page to see who can come up with the best caption for the photograph by Friday, September 27th. The winner of the contest will have their caption submitted to Jim’s Assembly Website; to see the picture, or participate in the contest, please visit or click the Facebook icon below.

To contact Assemblymember Jim Frazier please visit his website at or call his District Offices at 707-399-3011 or 925-778-5790.


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