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Antioch School District Unions Issue Statement on Vote of No Confidence on Ellie Householder

by ECT

The following statement was submitted to the Antioch Unified School District on behalf of the three employee groups, Antioch Education Association, Antioch Management Association, and Classified School Employees Association, Antioch Chapter 85, along with the results of the Vote of No Confidence.


A vote of no confidence is defined as “a formal vote by which people indicate that they do not support a leader, government, etc.”

In an electronic secret ballot election held from September 18-22, 2021, 97.5% percent of votes cast were in support of a Vote of No Confidence in Ellie Householder as the President of the AUSD School Board. Only 15 votes were cast in opposition, representing only 0.02% of the total ballots cast. The breakdown of votes is as follows: 98.2% of certificated staff (AEA), 97.8% of management staff (AMA), and 97.3% of classified staff (CSEA) stated their lack of confidence in the Board President.

The following violations of Roberts Rules of Order and the Brown Act have occurred at board meetings presided by President Ellie Householder:

  • Allowing a substitute motion to go through on a non-debatable motion such as “motion to table”
  • Efforts to limit or eliminate public comment by removing agenda items without consensus of the board
  • Efforts to shorten public comment by reducing the time limit allowed after comments had been submitted
  • Stopping public comments midstream when she felt it wasn’t appropriate or directly related to the agenda item
  • Requesting staff to use personal judgement on which public comments should be entered into public record and which should not
  • Abusing her presidential authority by not recognizing staff and board members’ requests to speak or provide input during a public meeting
  • Asserting that the president must not only collaborate on, but approve, the board agenda. Ed. Code and Board Policy do not require the board president’s approval, just collaboration on the development
  • Abusing her authority by calling and/or adding agenda items at special meetings, that were neither urgent, nor necessary
  • Violating the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), by publicly posting unauthorized video of students without permission

For all of these reasons, The employees of the AUSD have No Confidence in Ellie Householder’s ability to lead the Antioch Unified School District.


Valorie Luke, President Antioch Education Association

Scott Bergerhouse, President Antioch Management Association

Josh Isenbarger, President Classified School Employees Association, Chapter 85

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Robert C. Sep 23, 2021 - 5:35 pm

Ms. Householder’s problems on the school board aside, it is evident from reading her own website that she doesn’t really have a clue as to the proper functions of a city clerk. Antioch should change it’s city clerk position from elected to appointed. Professional competence should be the determining factor.

Dmitri Sep 23, 2021 - 5:45 pm

She was a “Team Lead” at Jamba Juice, then got a radicalized at UCB and now thinks of herself as a white knight in a position of power for the schools district? Is anyone actually surprised? Her main supporters are the City Council woman with 3 DUI’s and 22 arrests, and the mayor who’s in charge of LMC healthcare with no healthcare experience (but has 2 college degrees in women’s studies). Our city deserves so much better!

Street-Sweeper Sep 23, 2021 - 5:56 pm

Dumb Dumbs crying for a recount in 3….2…..1


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