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Antioch School District Unions “Vote of No Confidence” in Ellie Householder

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AUSD Allie Householder

On Wednesday night, the employees of the Antioch Unified School District announced that they have overwhelmingly voted in support of a Vote of No Confidence in School Board President Ellie Householder.

The three unions voted a combined 97.5% in favor of the “No Confidence” with a total of 717 total votes casts with 699 in favor.

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The unions have not yet released an official statement with their voting results, but have been told her leadership is in question and continued misuse of Roberts Rules of Order and the Brown Act.

Last September, the Antioch School Board voted to censure Householder in a 3-2 vote for not holding herself to the “highest standards of ethical conduct” while not following Board bylaws.

According to the resolution:

“the conduct of demonstrators whose stated goal (and actions thereafter) were designed to deliberately prevent the Antioch Unified School District Board from conducting its lawful business at a public meeting (which is a violation of Penal Code section 403). Householder went on to tweet that “For the last week I’ve heard students chant ‘we will vote you out’ and ‘f*** Mary, Gary, and Diane” and further stated “She is SHOOK YA’LL!! Just a happy reminder your voice has impact to never stop fighting!” To publicly voice approval and support of speech that denigrates her fellow Trustees violates the Board Policies cited above and exceed the bounds of common decency and professionalism that should be a part of all board members’ speech and conduct.”

This censure comes after Householder participated in the intimidation of Antioch Mayor Pro Tem Joy Motts where protesters showed up at Motts house and urged her to vote against School Resource Officers. Protesters blocked her street and used intimidation tactics on Motts. This protest was captured on video by Antioch City Council Candidate in District 2, Nichole Gardner who also participated in the protest. Householder also sent out a series of tweets on Twitter.

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Street-Sweeper Sep 23, 2021 - 4:27 am

Funny how she has the American Flag strategically placed in the background, while she continues to ruin Americas youth and future. GTFOH


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