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Updated: Antioch School Board President Unilaterally Pulls Item from Agenda to Remove Her as President

by ECT

After approving the Agenda last week, Board President Ellie Householder pulled an item which would have allowed for discussion an action to remove Board President.

Trustee Mary Rocha requested the item last week be placed on the agenda who made the request known to Dr. Clyde Lewis who admitted to this publication and the Antioch Herald that he was aware.

During the testy exchange, Householder blatantly lied about not knowing the item was placed on the agenda and there was no conversation, however, Householder apparently approved the agenda before it went out to the public.

Here is the exchange which occurred Wednesday Night during the Board Meeting:

“I am going to be pulling item 10E from our Discussions per Board Policy 9332, the Board President and Superintendent, as the secretary of the board shall work together to develop the agenda for each regulars/special meeting. Each agenda shall reflect the Districts vision and goals and the boards focus on student learning,” stated Householder.

Householder stated every other Wednesday, they had agenda meetings and while the Superintendent and Vice Chair are there, it’s the Board President who approves items going on the agenda.

“Last Wednesday, which I believe was September 1, we did not discuss this item and we have these processes for a reason. We need to adhere to them. Item 10E was placed on the agenda without being discussed and I am puling it for tonight,” stated Householder.  

Superintendent Stephanie Anello immediately objected while attempting to call point of order.

Householder then cut off Superintendent Anello.

“Just so you know, staff can provide feedback if recognized by the Board President and you are not recognized,” stated Householder.

Trustee Mary Rocha attempted to chime in stated she disagreed.

“I disagree, I sent that message to Vice President Lewis and the vice president was aware of it,” stated Rocha. “Now you don’t want to discuss it, that is up to you but you have a right to put something on the agenda and I sent it through the proper course of action. So I disagree with you trying to remove my remarks as a trustee.”


4 hour 37 minute mark of the meeting, Trustee Rocha made a motion to place item 10E back on the agenda. The item was then seconded by Trustee Gary Hack.

A vote then occurred without discussion which failed in a 2-3 vote with Householder, Hernandez and Lewis all voting against.

For more background on why this agenda item was placed on the agenda, click here.

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Lamar’s Sidechick Sep 8, 2021 - 8:38 pm

Can you maybe reach out to your contacts in the media and raise hell over this? How corrupt can this broad be??!!

Sondra Hill Sep 9, 2021 - 2:54 am

Yes! A total jackass! Kick her ass out!

Arne Sep 9, 2021 - 8:25 am

This was one of the worst run meetings by a board President I have ever seen; and that includes any City Council meeting. No respect for following Robert’s Rules of Order. It reminds me of the Mock Council Meeting that the League of California Cities has at the New Mayors and Council Members sessions they run every two years to show how a meeting should not be conducted. They could use the AUSD as an example of how not to run a meeting. It makes me wonder if AUSD President Householder has taken the mandatory two-hour AB1234 Ethics Training !

James Sep 9, 2021 - 11:10 am

Where is the petition to recall all of the corrupt Board members, especially Householder? How many signatures do we need? How many of us does it take to remove these tyrannical officials? Let’s do it. Why do they have comments turned off on the board meetings, kinda like Biden’s Whitehouse page always has comments turned off. We have to come together as a community to remove these corrupt politicians and put in place the people that will fight for our children’s rights and the rights of their parents. Parents should have sole rights over the Healthcare choices for their child. Not the school. The Constitution holds power over these illegal mandates. Mandates, regulations and guidelines, are NOT LAW.


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