East Contra Costa Fire Set for Town Hall Series


Over the Summer, the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District has announced a State of the District Town Hall series to help educate residents about the Districts current services levels and receive feedback leading up to a Strategic Planning Session.

At the Strategic Planning Session, they will discuss paths forward to increasing the services levels which is just at 3 fire stations and 9 firefighters on duty.

June 18 – Bethel Island (6-8pm)
Scout Hall
3090 Ranch Lane

June 19 – Discovery Bay (6-8pm)
Discovery Bay Elementary School
1700 Willow Lake Road

June 27 – Brentwood (6-8pm)
Brentwood City Council Chambers
150 City Park Way

June 28 – Oakley (6-8pm)
Oakley City Council Chambers
3231 Main Street

Strategic Planning Session

July 19 – Knightsen (6-8pm)
Knightsen School
1923 Delta Road

The District is encouraging residents to attend one of the town halls in June and the Planning Session on July 19.

For more information, visit: www.eccfpd.org


  1. Good Morning Mr. Harry Tax,

    I invite you to the town hall meetings and Strategic Planning session to share your thoughts and recommendations on the Fire District’s current service levels / recommendations to increase service levels.

    The community is calling for, and studies show, that Fire & Rescue service levels need to increase within ECCFPDs jurisdiction.

    The District is deloping a Strategic plan that will be implemented (when /if) the District receives additional revenue.

    In addition, the District is also exploring all finically and legal options to increase revenue into the District (not just a tax measure). All of these revenue enhancing options will be discussed / worked through as we work through the Strategic Planning Process (June-December 2018).

    The only way ECCFPD can increase service levels beyond the three station model we are today is with more revenue.

    If you would like, I welcome you to meet with me one on one to share your concerns, and or, get insight about ECCFPDs history, finances, past initiatives, current service levels and initiatives.

    The District will need the support from the ones we serve to increase service levels.
    Please stay involved and learn about how critical Fire & Rescue service are ECCFPDs area.

    For more info on the District or to contact me directly please visit http://www.eccfpd.org.


    Brian Helmick
    Fire Chief

  2. If possible, can one of the series be televised or recorded? I work swings on all those days.

    • Good Afternoon Oakley Resident.,

      Good recommendation. Televised is not an option at this point but I will look into having it recorded and placed on the Districts website for those that are not able to attend.

      Thank you for this good recommendation and have a safe day.


      Brian Helmick
      Fire Chief

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