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Walnut Creek Police Arrests 2 Suspects in Stolen Car

by ECT
Walnut Creek Police Department

The Walnut Creek Police Department reported that on Friday night, officers were alerted to an Automated License Plate Reader hit that a stolen vehicle entered the city of Walnut Creek.

According to police, the vehicle was located on the fence line of the Ross Store parking lot where they mobilized for a high risk stop as the suspect attempted to flee from officers in the stolen vehicle.

Police say the vehicle reversed and struck a patrol car “push bar” and then accelerated towards the fence line towards the canal which had a 30-40 foot drop into the canal.

The driver attempted to drive through the fence and was caught by the chain link, but continued to accelerate. In an effort to stop the suspect vehicle from pushing through the fence (and into the water below), or reversing back into one of our officers, an officer fired a “Less-Lethal” Kinetic Energy Round at the window of the vehicle.

The round was able to shatter the window to the vehicle which caused the drive to halt the attempt to flee and began complying with commands. Both the driver and the female passenger were detained and arrested on various charges and booked at The Martinez Detention Facility.

Police say they were able to local two replica style Airsoft guns inside of the vehicle.

The suspect identifies were not released.

Note – Walnut Creek police explained that the “Less-Lethal” Kinetic Energy Round is commonly referred to as a “Bean-Bag” Round. These specific rounds are fired from a 12-gauge shotgun that is painted a bright orange color to differentiate them from any lethal firearm. When appropriate, these types of rounds have many intended applications and are another tool that WCPD Officers are equipped with to assist on a variety of calls for service.

Information released by the Walnut Creek Police Department

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