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Video: Man Airlifted After Mountain Bike Crash in Castle Rock Park in Walnut Creek

by ECT

On Sunday, August 30, Contra Costa County firefighters responded to a report of a 42-year-old male who had crashed on his mountain bike at Castle Rock Park in Walnut Creek.

CoNFIRE-rescueAccording to reports, firefighters had to hike into the incident where they located a man who was 2-miles from the park entrance on a trail. Once located, the man was not alert and confused while being strapped to a back board.

This was a joint operation between the Sheriffs office and CONFIRE who carried him two-miles to an awaiting ambulance.

Agencies involved include the East Bay Regional Park District Police, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District, Contra Costa County Sheriffs Office and the State Parks.

No further details were provided.


Update (11:15am)
shortly after the original post, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District released the following information:

Contra Costa Fire and the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s office participated in 3 rescues yesterday, marking the first time that the joint effort between the the two agencies participated in a live rescue.

The first incident occurred at 11:12am when Contra Costa County Fire Engine 8 responded to a report of a bicyclist down with unknown injuries. The Patient was reported on the Castle Rock Trail in Mt. Diablo State Park and had accessed from a trail head in Walnut Creek. Exact location and distance of patient from the trailhead was unknown.

Initial patient contact was made by lifeguards who responded from the nearby swimming pool. Engine 8 crew hiked in approximately 1.5 miles and met up with an East Bay Regional Parks (EBRPD) representative who shuttled them in a 4 wheel drive vehicle an approximate another half mile to the patient. Patient was assessed and packaged for possible head injury. The trail to the scene would not accommodate emergency vehicles and ground transport out would have been extremely rough.

Engine 8 communicated with Contra Costa County Sheriff Helicopter STARR 1 and requested a Short Haul rescue.

The STARR 1 crew on this day consisted of a Contra Costa County Fire Captain/Paramedic and a CCCSO Search and Rescue member (Flight Rescue Technicians). Flight rescue technicians landed, further assessed patient, confirmed patient packaging and transported patient to awaiting ambulance via haul line.

In addition to this incident, STARR 1 responded to two additional rescues in the County.

The second call came in at 2:06pm. A patient with a reported leg injury was located approximately 2 miles in from the Mitchell Canyon Entrance to Mt Diablo State Park. STARR 1 responded with Engine 11, and arrived overhead and located the patient approximately 4-5 miles in and near the top of the mountain. After guiding in State Parks personnel they assessed the patient and determined there was no medical need. STARR 1 cleared the scene and patient was transported down the mountain by the park rangers.

The third rescue came in at 2:34pm. This was a San Ramon Valley Fire (SRVFD) assist. As STARR 1 cleared the second incident on Mt Diablo, they heard the dispatch for a fall at “Rock City” on the back side of Mt Diablo. They were overhead within 4 minutes, and at the request of SRVFD units, assisted in locating the patient. STARR 1 landed and flight rescue technicians made patient contact, initiated care (including splinting of a fractured leg) until SRVFD arrived and took over patient care.

The video is of the first rescue.


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