Video: Contra Costa Health Provides New Health Order Questions & Answers


On Monday, Contra Costa County Health Officer Dr. Chris Farnitano held a Question and Answer session regarding the latest update on Phase 2 and retail curbside pickups.

Per the video, here were the questions asked:

  • 5:54: When can salons reopen?
  • 6:20: Where are 16 people in the hospital (about 0.8% in Contra Costa), can you explain why we are running out of PPE when hospitals are empty?
  • 8:25: Over the last few days, fewer people have been tested, is that because there is not people to be tested?
  • 9:55: Clarifying the mask mandate
  • 11:00: Please provide guidance on how the county will move into Phase Two.
  • 13:13: Why is Contra Costa County not reporting on two of the key metrics on reopening the economy of the Bay Area. The website has said coming soon for PPE supply and contact tracing for weeks.
  • 14:30: In Contra Costa County, who is in charge determining whether or not the county will move forward with the rest of the state with the phase reopening. How is this determined?
  • 15:45: Why don’t you release figures separating out cases in sniffs and assisting living facilities?
  • 17:05: Is our county less affected in nursing homes and others or is data simply missing at the State level?
  • 19:24: Having sex during Covid-19 per what research has found.
  • 20:18: Why are you allowing cleaning services to resume, but not hair dressers.
  • 21:10: Regulations around childcare and childcare camps… an explanation.
  • 23:23: Do we have anti-body testing available?
  • 24:55: How is County Health working closely with East Bay Regional Parks regarding rules around trails and parking lots?
  • 26:35: Are dog walking businesses allowed?
  • 27:55: Dr. Chris Farnitano talks more about salons and barbers.
  • 29:15: Final statement as the video closes.

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