Fremont Police Arrest Antioch Man in Armed Home Invasion Robbery, Seek Second Suspect

Fremont Police Press Release


On May 14, 2020, the Fremont PD SWAT team arrested Tyler Spears, a 23-year-old Antioch resident, for an armed home invasion robbery that occurred the previous week in the 2000 block of Laurel Canyon Ct.

During the home invasion, two suspects entered the victim’s residence, pointed firearms at the victim, made the victim lay on the ground, ransacked the residence and stole multiple items.  A third suspect stayed outside in the suspect vehicle.

The case was investigated by the Fremont Police Department’s Investigative unit.  Video surveillance, license plate readers and community cameras provided various images of the suspects and their vehicle.  The investigation showed the same suspects attempted a separate residential burglary in Fremont, another residential burglary in Union City and committed a brutal robbery of a female in San Francisco; all on the same day as the home invasion.

Additional physical and digital evidence led investigators to two of the three suspects; Spears and Vermond Jones (21 years old; resident of San Francisco).

Both suspects have extensive criminal histories and are documented “Fillmore – Knock Out Posse” gang members.  Spears is currently active to CDC Parole and is on probation for a separate domestic violence conviction.  He has been contacted with a firearm during prior arrests.

Jones has six (6) separate cases pending out of the Superior Court in San Francisco.  Among those open cases are arrests for robbery (multiple counts), burglary (multiple counts), carrying a loaded firearm, grand theft from a person, possession of a stolen vehicle (multiple counts), false imprisonment, child endangerment and other crimes.  It appears that Jones has been arrested for no less than thirty-five (35) separate charges and all those cases are still pending.  However, in spite of all of the above, Jones had been released from custody on a GPS ankle monitor while those cases worked their way through the court process.  Jones had the GPS ankle monitor on during the above crime spree on May 5th.

Due to the level of violence associated with the suspects, the Fremont Police Department SWAT team was activated in an effort to locate and arrest the suspects.

On May 14, 2020 Spears was arrested by Fremont SWAT in Vallejo.  At the time of arrest, Spears was found in possession of a loaded firearm.  That firearm had been stolen during a residential burglary in Suisun City, Ca in January.  Spears is set to be arraigned today (May 19, 2020 at 2:00pm) at the East County Hall of Justice on multiple felony charges (including home invasion robbery, being armed during the commission of a felony, felon in possession of a firearm, possession of stolen property, parole violation and probation violation).

In the evening hours of May 14, 2020, Jones disabled his court-ordered GPS tracking device.  An active felony warrant has been issued for Jones.  He is being sought by multiple police departments and is considered armed and dangerous.

The Fremont Police Department is asking for anyone with information as to Jones whereabouts to immediately contact Det. Greg Wong at 510-552-7670 or Det. Michael Gebhardt at 510-673-3664.

Jones is a black male, approx. 6’00”, 190lbs.  Jones’ last known address is in the area of 10th St and Market St in San Francisco.


  1. Thanks for the help with our Ghetto criminals Fremont. Maybe you guys could do us a solid next time, and shoot these dirt bags. They’re after all just a drain on society.

    • Saw this while reading about white cowards shooting 52 bullets a sleeping man. Y’all been wonderful liars since 1492. White criminals get tvshow and excuse. Jeff Dahmer was just hungry. Sociopaths

      • I just read this reply after watching a true coward ass animal beat some nursing home resident…so in other words: go get Fucked dindu.

  2. By the time they ran this story the great state of California has already let them out and on their way to a house nearby. Lock these bastards up.

  3. THIRTY FIVE crimes pending and the “ gentleman “ is still amongst us. Even with the ankle bracelet. And Antioch’s own Mr. Spears…..what a guy. Your momma must be proud. Your papa ( you DO know who he is. Right?) must be smilin’. Also, since “ community surveillance “ ( I.e. Ring cameras, etc) I expect the privacy advocates will be rushing to your defense. Paging Mr. Burris..

    • Actually his mother and father are both heartbroken that he chose this route he was raised in a great home well loved and cared for not sure if you have children but as a parent all you can do is guide them the best you can these are the choses he chose to make all We can do is pray that one day he figures it out

      • I’m sure it’ll difficult to think you’ve done everything right and something like this is the result. Who knows what makes some people go down that road? But ONE misdeed can be forgiven. Repeated misdeeds cannot. It’s why prison exists. Society does not benefit from people like young Mr. Spears

        • Society are the worse judges of character. The biggest problem is rehabilitation and integration back into society so someone does not offend. I study criminal justice and its no secret we have a flawed system.

  4. Today, one must be prepared for something like a home invasion and, hopefully, it might not happen. But prepare yourself like you know it’s about to happen. How did these two punks get into the house? What time? Who was in the house? Did the victims have firearms located where they were within reach quickly? You have to be ready to act fast and you need to actually rehearse such an event. Unfortunately, those are the times we live in. Be prepared!

  5. For those speaking on something you don’t know that is my nephew so save your comments. You can’t speak on what you don’t know and he grew up around a hard working mother and very well educated family members not to mention several in the line of criminal justice.


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