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Update: Bodies Recovered of 3 Men Who Tried to Save Child in Delta Waters Near Rio Vista

Rio Vista Fire Department

by ECT

On Sunday, the Rio Vista Fire Department response to a report of a child and three adults who were in the delta waters near Three Miles Slough Bridge near Brannon Island State Park.

According to the Fire Department, the US Coast Guard and Sacramento County Sheriff responded to the incident.

The child (Juvenile) is reported as rescued. The incident has transitioned to a recovery and three adults remain missing.

No other information was released.

The Rio Vista Fire Department confirmed in a social media post that the bodies of three men who attempted to save a child were found dead.

Here is what went out:

Three-Mile Slough Incident (July 3, 2022):

On Sunday July 3rd, 2022, the Rio Vista Fire Department (RVFD) responded to a report of four (4) individuals in the water requiring rescue, near the Three-Mile Slough Bridge (Hwy 160).

RVFD ‘Battalion 55’ and ‘Boat 55’ responded in coordination with law enforcement, California State Parks, and the United States Coast Guard. While one individual (a juvenile) was able to make it to shore, three adults, who reportedly entered the water to rescue the juvenile, remained missing after hours of searching. Later that evening, the incident transitioned to a “recovery mission” and RVFD resources were released.

Over the next two days (July 4th and 5th) RVFD reengaged and assisted law enforcement with the search for the missing individuals. While not your typical fire department mission, we have a unique watercraft that is able to assist in this capacity and operate close to shore. Knowing that resources in the area are limited, and that finding the missing individuals was important for closure of those impacted, the Fire Chief authorized the additional involvement of Rio Vista Fire personnel.

By yesterday evening, our personnel had assisted law enforcement with the recovery of three deceased individuals.

While we wish the outcome of this incident was very different, we continue to hope for healing and closure for the family and friends of those lost.

Far too many lives have been lost in our waterways and in the lakes and rivers of Northern California over the past few weeks. We urge residents and visitors to wear proper life vests when in the water, and to consider life vests for children and young adults while on the shore. The currents of the Sacramento River and its tributaries are strong and unpredictable.

For more information on boating and water safety, please visit: http://www.dbw.ca.gov/


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3henry21 Jul 7, 2022 - 4:07 pm

The 3 adults that lost their lives while trying to save a child are true heroes… May God bless them and their families.

Tim Jul 8, 2022 - 2:16 pm

I got the feeling from this and a different article that the adults who died were not related to the boy or even knew him but just happened to be there fishing. Anyone know if that is correct? Regardless it’s a true tragedy.

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