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Antioch Police Provide Information on 8 Recent Arrests

by ECT

On Wednesday, the Antioch Police Department released a series of arrests that have occurred recently. In total, summaries of 8 incidents since June 30.

Per police, over the last week, 8 arrests were made with 4 illegal firearms recovered, 4 stolen vehicles recovered that were returned to their rightful owners, as well as several warrant arrests were made.

Here is what was released by Antioch Police

DATE:  6/30/22              TIME:  1631              CHARGE(S):  29800(a)(1) PC, 417(a)(2) PC

LOCATION: Sycamore Dr
ARRESTEE(S): Therel Scott (5/31/79)


Officers responded to the area of Sycamore Dr for a report of a drive by shooting. The VIC stated her apartment and vehicle were hit by gunfire and the unknown responsible fled the scene. While officers were investigating the incident, security at Sycamore Square reported being the victim of a brandishing from a firearm. The suspect description matched the suspect from the shooting and a vehicle license plate was obtained. The suspect vehicle was located on a nearby street and the driver, Therel Scott, was detained without incident.

A loaded 9mm pistol was located tucked between the driver’s seat and the center console. Officers were able to develop enough evidence to charge Scott for the shooting as well as the brandishing. Scott was found to be a convicted felon and prohibited from possessing the firearm located in his vehicle.  Scott was later booked at MDF.

DATE:7/1/2022            TIME: 1442                    CHARGE(S): CVC 2800.2 & PC 496(d)

LOCATION: Lemontree Way/Sycamore Drive
ARRESTEE(S): Tayshaun Scott-Hunter (8/23/2003)

SYNOPSIS: Officer Mulholland located a gold Honda sedan that been reported a stolen. The vehicle was taken after a robbery in Oakland. Officer Mulholland attempted a traffic stop, but the driver fled. The driver immediately got onto SR-4 westbound and the pursuit ended when the Honda grazed a commercial vehicle. This sent the Honda into a spin and it collided with a K-rail. The Honda came to rest after impact and the driver, Tayshaun Scott-Hunter, was taken into custody without further incident.

Officer Morris called the victim and found out he was robbed of his keys, wallet and cell phone when the vehicle was taken. During a search incident to arrest, Scott-Hunter was found to be in possession of the victim’s keys. He was ultimately booked into MDF for the above listed charges after medical clearance.


DATE:  7/1/22                 TIME:  1630          CHARGE(S):  10851(a) CVC

LOCATION: 7-11 Century Blvd
ARRESTEE(S): Josue Torres (12/17/75)


Officers were circulating the Sycamore Drive searching for a reported stolen Mercedes SUV. The vehicle was located parked at the 7-11 on Century Blvd and the driver, Josue Torres, was arrested without incident. Torres was found to be on AB109 for weapons charges and was later booked at MDF.

DATE:  7/1/22                 TIME:  1823        CHARGE(S):  WRNO

LOCATION: San Jose Drive and Buchanan Rd
ARRESTEE(S): Terry Robinson (6/13/96)


Officer Nutt conducted a traffic enforcement stop and the passenger, Terry Robinson, was found to have a warrant for his arrest in relation to a shooting in Santa Cruz. Robinson was detained without incident. Robinson was booked at MDF on his outstanding warrant.

DATE:  7/1/22                 TIME:  1842              

LOCATION: San Jose Drive


Danville PD sent a BOLO for an armed robbery vehicle in which a Rolex was stolen from a subject at gunpoint in their city. The suspects were reportedly armed with an AR-15 rifle and a pistol. A short time later, they requested Code 3 cover for their plain clothes detectives who were following the suspect vehicle into the apartment complex at 2005 San Jose Drive. Several APD officers were clearing a call on San Jose Drive and arrived within seconds and located the vehicle inside the complex. Two passengers foot bailed but the driver was arrested without incident. The AR-15 and pistol were located on the back seat of the suspect vehicle. The front passenger was taken into custody by APD officers after a short foot pursuit inside the complex. Star 3 was overhead and maintained visual on the third suspect as he ran south through the lot and onto Buchanan Rd. He was challenged by APD officers and a Contra Costa County K9 and was arrested after a brief struggle.

Note – Original story

DATE: 7/3/2022                        TIME: 2231                   CHARGE(S): CVC 10851

ARRESTEE: Justin Griffin, 35

SYNOPSIS: Officer Angelini watched an occupied stolen vehicle pull into the parking lot of the 19th Hole. He conducted a stop and took the driver, Justin Griffin, into custody without incident.

DATE: 7/4/2022                 TIME: 1740                     

ARRESTEE: Terry Ferguson 4/16/1985

SYNOPSIS: Several SWAT officers were on foot patrol in the downtown area and noticed Terry Ferguson working on a vehicle in front on J Street. They were familiar with Ferguson from a prior SWAT operation in which Ferguson was arrested for weapons manufacturing. A record check showed Ferguson to have an outstanding PRCS violation warrant. Ferguson was contacted and attempted to flee but was quickly apprehended and taken into custody without incident. A PRCS search was conducted on Ferguson’s apartment and a loaded Sig Sauer 9mm pistol was located in a backpack that belonged to Ferguson. Ferguson was later booked at MDF.

DATE:  7/4/2022                        TIME: 1650                   CHARGE(S): CVC 10851(a)

LOCATION: 2540 Verne Roberts Circle
ARRESTEE: Richard Lewis, 8/22/1991
VICTIM: Antioch Resident

SYNOPSIS: Officers responded to the report of a vehicle theft that just occurred. The victim caught the suspect (later identified as, Richard Lewis) in the act of stealing his vehicle. Lewis was unsuccessful in his attempt to steal the car and fled the scene on foot. Officers quickly arrived and set up a perimeter. Eventually, Officer Pedreira located Lewis hiding behind a large bush and was taken into custody. Lewis was positively identified as the responsible during an in-field show up. He was booked into MDF.

Information released by Antioch Police

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