Two Kayakers Pulled from Clifton Court Forebay Waters Saturday Morning


At 9:17 am Saturday, the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District responded to a report of an overturned kayak off Clifton Court Road in the Clifton Court Forebay.

It was reported that the kayak had overturned with a subject who was trapped in the water due to the wind. East Contra Costa Fire arrived on scene and was unable to reach the kayak as they do not have a boat in the District. Upon further investigation, it was determined there were two people in the Clifton Court Forebay with one person in the water and one person on top of the kayak.

Battalion 5 requested Engine 81 (Antioch) to respond with their boat while a CHP helicopter (H30) was also responding.

By 10:14 am, the first victim was pulled out of the water by H30 using a basket according to Battalion 5. By 10:28 am, the second victim made it to the shoreline.

No other information was available.