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Tony Amador Joins Katheryn Nance in Challenging McNerney in District 9 Congressional Race

by ECT

Antonio “Tony” Amador announced on March 15 that he will be challenging Congressman Jerry McNerney for the 9th District in California.

Amador, who is a former US Marshal, joins previously announced candidate Katheryn Nance of Stockton as the two republicans challenging the 5-term Congressman. Amador ran in 2014 against McNerney and lost in a 52.4% to 47.6% race.

Nance, who is a 19-year-veteran with the Stockton Police Department and is president of the Stockton Police Officers Association. She has the support of law enforcement gaining endorsements from five Law Enforcement groups: the Stockton Police Officers Association, the Antioch Police Officers Association, the Lodi Police Officers Association, the Contra Costa County Deputy Sheriffs Association and the San Joaquin County Probation Officers Association.

On Monday, she announced the endorsement of San Joaquin County Sheriff Steve Moore.

Here is Amador’s official Press Release

Former US Marshal Announces Run for US House Seat in Central Valley

Stockton — Former US Marshal Antonio “Tony” Amador announced he would challenge 5 term Congressman Jerry McNerney for the 9th District in the California’s Central Valley. In 2014 many political observers were startled when Amador nearly unseated McNerney in a close contest despite being outspent nearly 10-1.

Amador noted that many voters are voicing a common theme across the nation. “The government is corrupt, out of touch and indifferent to the interests of average people like us. Politicians, like Jerry McNerney, are more interested in protecting their own power than in doing what’s right for America. Powerful special interests have rigged the political system for themselves. All the corporate elite wants are cheap labor that ships American jobs overseas and exploits low-paid immigrant workers here at home,” said Amador.

“For over a decade that the incumbent has been in office, San Joaquin County and the city of Stockton, has experienced one of the state’s highest unemployment rates. Crime rates are skyrocketing, our farms are going without water, and our taxes and debt are the highest in the country. I believe the cause for these sad numbers is the wrong headed policies supported by a do nothing congressman,” Amador continued.

Amador charged that one example of the incumbent’s ineffectiveness is his failure to take care of veterans. “Veterans in the 9th Congressional District deserve an effective representative who can get things done. My three decades of government experience at the local, state and federal levels make my candidacy work for everyone not just McNerney’s big business cronies. As a former United States’ Marshal, I understand the meaning of making tough decisions. I am willing to fight for a working immigration plan that does not include blanket amnesty,” stated Amador.

“I have openly opposed the ‘twin tunnel’ and ‘high-speed rail’ projects as wasteful spending of taxpayer money. The incumbent tries to take both sides on these issues, but has not publicly stated he would oppose federal taxes being spent on these projects. The Central Valley needs a leader that will fix our long term water needs and economic malaise.”

Amador concluded, “I will bring my message of real change to the forgotten voters in the Central Valley, and offer a choice that will make our nation whole again.”

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