Suspicious Vehicle Stop in Brentwood Results in Arrests, Firearm Recovery and Catalytic Converter

Photo provided by Brentwood Police

On Thursday at around 1:50 am, Brentwood Police officers conducted a suspicious vehicle stop in the downtown area which resulted in two arrests and the recovery of a loaded firearm.

Police made contact with Anthony Boone, 32 of Stockton, Guillermo Barboza, 32 of Lodi, and another suspect who was not identified.

Officers located a concealed, loaded firearm inside of the vehicle. Both BOONE and BARBOZA are convicted felons and were booked into county jail for various charges, including firearm-related charges. In addition, officers located a catalytic converter that appeared to have been stolen and are currently investigating leads.

Boone and Barboza were also in possession of other tools used to commit thefts.

Police advised the community to remember to lock your doors of both your homes and vehicles and remove valuables from your vehicle.


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      • Wait, are you really defending this fuck head?!?!? He is a convicted felon and had tools to commit more robberies!! Lmao he is a low life scum and I’m 100% his daughter is better off without him. Lol and if you are the mother it sounds like she needs to be taken away from you too. Fucking Stockton loser meth bitch

  1. Great stop officers! Just make sure the stops are legit or more will come and take advantage.

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