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Supervisor Piepho Talks Delta on KCBS

by ECT


Supervisor Mary Piepho recently spoke with KCBS regarding the Delta and Southland water needs while discussing why Gov. Jerry Brown’s massive twin-tunnel system is a bad idea.

“They’re focusing on the delta specifically to resolve greater statewide problems. The delta simply does not have the supply, the capacity or the ecosystem to withstand that sort of pressure,” Piepho said.

Piepho, who sits on the Delta Conservancy Board, said the county wants to participate within a greater statewide water management plan that focuses on supply and water reliability, but includes water storage.

“It includes a number of different components that don’t just take water from the delta,” Piepho said, adding that things have gotten worse for six imperiled delta fish.

Piepho said a new population survey shows the fish failed to grow in number last year. Their numbers serve as an indicator of estuary health. Residents can expect to see a water bond on the November, 2014 Ballot.

Full article and audio can be found here


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B-Wood Jan 18, 2013 - 10:23 am

Thanks for posting this story. This issue is one of the greatest threats to much of our area/state/East county and yet gets very little coverage.

We all need to pay attention before the shovels start hitting the dirt. If we don’t our delta (and its ecosystem) is doomed.

Vicki Jan 21, 2013 - 10:23 am

I agree B-Wood, and we are lucky to have Mary!

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