Senator Glazer, Others Request BART Rework Contract Before $3 Billion Dollar Bond


Sacramento, CA – Based on BART’s track record of strikes, financial mismanagement and security lapses, Sen. Steve Glazer and local elected officials held news conference on Wednesday, February 3 at the Walnut Creek BART station to announce their potential opposition to any new BART taxes – including BART’s multi-billion dollar bond proposal – until it takes specific action steps.

Glazer will be joined by mayors and councilmembers representing 11 cities in Contra Costa and Alameda counties, leaders who have signed the appeal to BART management and unions.

Steve Glazer“BART has a lot of work to do before it can earn the trust of voters in November to pay for new taxes,” Glazer said. “We do need to invest in our worn down transportation system so it can serve the hundreds of thousands who depend on it for work, school and recreational pursuits.

“But we cannot reward bad behavior with more and more taxes. BART has eight months until the election to restore the public trust. There is a pathway to a successful reinvestment in the BART system. But it will require thoughtful leadership from BART management and their unions. Time is running out.”

BART has been working on a plan for a $3 billion bond measure in the Bay Area where it hopes to improve BART service and upgrade its trains after a poll last year showed 75-percent of the public would support the bond.

Locally in East Contra Costa, here is who signed the letter:

  • Supervisor Mary Piepho
  • City of Antioch: none
  • City of Brentwood: none
  • City of Oakley: Kevin Romick, Sue Higgins, Vannesa Perry, Randy Pope
  • City of Pittsburg: None

Editors Note:
Although Supervisor Mary Piepho supported this effort, none of the 5 candidates seeking to replace her signed the letter. An email has been sent into all candidates seeking their stance on the issue.


  1. Good job ECT to ask candidates these kind of questions. We deserve to know PRIOR to being elected not after. Glad to see Piepho doing the right thing and most of the Oakley City Council.

  2. What the heck is wrong with Brentwood, Antioch and Pittsburg?!? asleep at the wheel

  3. It’s very weird that Doug Hardcastle’s name is not on this letter but the rest of his city council did? Isn’t Doug a republican? ECT I can appreciate you asking the candidates where they stand, I look forward to the answers

  4. They should finish the projects first that they have taken forever to do and made traffic a living hell on highway 4

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