Saturday: Gun Buyback Event in Concord


The Concord Police Department in partnership with the Clayton and Walnut Creek Police Departments will be hosting a “community gun buyback event” at the ‪Concord Pavilion‬.

Date: ‪November 16, 2019‬
Time: ‪10:00 am – 3:00 pm‬.
Location: Concord Pavilion (‪2000 Kirker Pass Rd. Concord, CA.‬)

This event is an opportunity for Concord, Walnut Creek and Clayton residents to anonymously exchange their firearms for gift cards. Residents may be asked to show an ID or utility bill, but only to establish residency in one of the three sponsoring cities.

“This is 100% voluntary and an opportunity for people who want to dispose of their firearms safely to bring them to us and receive something in return,” said Concord Police Chief Guy Swanger. “Our goal is to provide safe options for our community.”

Participants will receive $200 in gift cards for an assault weapon, $100 in gift cards for handguns and $50 in gift cards for rifles or shotguns. Each attendee will have a maximum gift card limit of $1,000. All of the guns collected will be destroyed on a later date. Residents may be asked to show an ID or utility bill, but only to establish residency in one of the three sponsoring cities.

Event Guidelines:

For safety reasons, residents interested in turning in their guns for gift cards are asked adhere to the following rules:

  • Transport all firearms to the ‪Concord Pavilion‬ unloaded
  • Keep all firearms stored in the trunk or locked container during transportation AND arrival
  • DO NOT remove the firearm from the vehicle!
  • Please remain inside of you vehicle during the actual surrendering process
  • There will no walk-up firearm surrenders.

We are excited to have this opportunity to partner with our neighboring agencies in an effort to keep our communities safe!


  1. Why would I give my firearms away to the dang gavernment. Screw your gift cards. I stand for the second amendment.

  2. I don’t get it. Many members in law enforcement are pro- 2nd amendment. Yet, they’re asking for peoples firearms? Im surprised Clayton PD is part of this event.

    • Maybe the reason they want people to give up their firearms is because if they can’t protect themselves and get hurt or killed, the cops are guaranteed jobs of solving the killings. If people have guns and shoot their attackers, then there is nothing for cops or detectives to do.

  3. Absolute insanity! Why would I want to give up my firearms today with so many criminals around packing? That’s simply crazy! I’m BUYING more firearms, not getting rid of them.

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