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San Ramon Abduction Story A Hoax; Child Recants Tale

by ECT

A child who told parents, police and school officials that she had been approached and narrowly escaped abduction by pulling away from a man she said tried to pull her into his van has recanted her story, police said Wednesday.

“During the follow-up investigation, and additional interviews of the alleged victim, some discrepancies were revealed,” San Ramon police said in a prepared release. “Eventually, we learned that the juvenile fabricated an incident that never occurred.”

Numerous men matching the child’s description of her alleged abductor have been contacted by police in the interim hours between the child’s report and her admission to police. San Ramon police said they take every report of an adult annoying a child seriously.

“A reported crime against a child is a top priority,” they wrote. “We have to investigate these situations fully in order to protect our children and community. It’s unfortunate that a scare in the community was raised by this fabricated incident. The San Ramon PD would like to thank those in the community and in law enforcement for information provided in an effort to assist in the investigation.”

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