Richmond Police Officers Vote “No Confidence” in Police Chief Allwyn Brown

Allwyn Brown
Photo City of Richmond

The following statement was issued by the Richmond Police Officers Association President Benjamin Therriault after a vote of “no confidence” was taken on its police chief Allwyn Brown.

They cited problems with workplace culture and lack of innovation with a failed vision.

Here is a copy of the statement:

RICHMOND- During the past week and over the course of the Labor Day Weekend, the men and women of the Richmond POA (Officers and Sergeants) have courageously taken a stand in support of fellow officers and the Richmond community. The RPOA voted overwhelmingly 117-19 or 86% for NO CONFIDENCE in the leadership of Chief Allwyn Brown. These results were shared at the Community Police Review Commission on 9/4/19.  

One year ago, the Richmond City Council and City Manager Bill Lindsay ordered a review of the Management of the Richmond Police Department. The MDB Innovations Report eviscerated the internal leadership and direction of the department.  This speaks volumes to the internal culture that continues to fail the rank and file during Chief Brown’s tenure. Chief Brown and his lack of vision and leadership have caused several departures of veteran officers to other departments in the Bay Area this year. Additionally, 8 more veteran officers have informed the POA that they will depart within the year. “The current rudderless ship at the police department requires change at the helm. Leadership, and it’s lack thereof, always starts at the top.”

Since this City Council requested the report, there have been little updates provided by Chief Brown addressing these issues. Overall, these matters have not been taken seriously by Chief Brown and the Officers and Sergeants ask that our elected representatives and City Manager Falk take action. “Please don’t allow the community police department we have worked so hard to build slip away.”

“In the interest of police transparency and accountability, we the Richmond POA believe the council should conduct a thorough internal investigation.” The RPOA will address specific concerns regarding the basis for the vote of no confidence publicly at City Council, Tuesday, September 10th, 2019 1830hrs. The referenced management report is attached.   

Benjamin Therriault President
Richmond Police Officer’s Association