Brentwood: Female Arrested on Suspicion of DUI on Lone Tree Way


At 12:10 am Saturday, the Brentwood Police Department responded to a report of a traffic crash on Lone Tree Way near Jeffery Way in the City of Brentwood.

Upon arrival, they located a vehicle with major damage and a female occupant. The impact from the crash was so violent that it tore the engine completely out of the vehicle.

No injuries were reported.

After a field sobriety test, the woman was taken into custody for suspicion of drunk driving.

No other details were available.


  1. Brentwood is too close to Antioch ca . Antioch has way too much section 8 and Antioch police do nothing about crime or pull people over . They can’t keep anywhere safe in Antioch ca anymore . Police in Brentwood they care about their own Community When you call them they come right away . Not like Antioch police give you excuse why not to come 😂😂😂 I’m sorry to Brentwood residents Have to live close to Antioch ca . Antioch ca police can’t even keep good side of Antioch safe . 🤣😂😅 don’t even talk about downtown Antioch then 😢😢😢 it’s like a ghost town no one go! Even Antioch AMC Theater Shut down for good …… what a shame of Antioch police department Everyone is scare to even walk around in Antioch ca . And the sales tax are more then Brentwood ca . Shame shame Shame .

    • Lmao you sound like a dumb cunt. You act like Brentwood is some kind of BlackHawk community hahaha. There is a lot of trash like you in Brentwood

    • What does this crash have to do with Antioch?????? Does it say she was an Antioch resident? Nope. This was a crash in Brentwood! I could judge the amount of children that get hit by cars in Oakley and Brentwood and go completely off topic too….but it’s not my place to judge.

    • Same “Sky Zeng” that wrote a poorly worded post in East County Today a few months ago:

      Antioch: Man With Gunshot Wound Shows Up to Local Hospital
      Sky Zeng May 25, 2019 at 7:59 am
      “Typical news in Antioch Ca . Police should just do one thing on the highway fix the crazy driver on highway 4 near hillcreat exit ……… since police can’t handle the gangster here just fix the crazy driver at least please . Or go to hillcreat exit arrest those gang sell drugs at 76 or Chevron gas station police must know because everyone see it ! Everybody goes to that gas station see it ! How can police don’t care about that ?”

    • Don’t waste your time with this reply. Pretty sure it was posted by the resident troll who also uses many other screen names. He likes to put up racial replies while he pulls the pud in his mom’s basement. Haven’t seen much from him lately….maybe mom ran out of Doritos and he is lashing out.

    • Sky Zeng, it’s so easy to hide behind your tablet-cell phone-computer to talk smack about APD. Very brave of you. So, what part of the shithole that you refer to as Antioch CA do you reside in? Maybe you should take a stand and do something about it. Maybe like, join the FREE Antioch Police Department’s Citizens Academy. Tell them how bad all of them are doing and teach them how to turn around the city. Let’s see if your brave enough to, JUST DO IT! You wouldn’t even make it past the felony check. Again, reason you say Antioch CA is a shithole, is because YOU must live there.
      I regret to all others that read her post and basically said all Antioch residents are worthless, when they ALL are not (accept Sky Zeng).

  2. Just say you hate black people and stop generalizing Antioch. Brentwood is too close?? What, you want them to move it? Shut the fuck up you racist bitch. Your spelling and grammar alone just points out your stupidity. Crime isn’t a black or white or Antioch problem. And it knows no borders or boundaries.

  3. So this woman also hit a car with two high school athletes ages 16 & 17. Thankfully those boys walked away with minor injuries, physically, but mentally I’m sure will take them time to heal. I met one of the boys dads at lunch today. If he’s reading this please know the are people who are sending your family much positive energy!
    Tailgaters NEVER should have let this drunk woman leave and drive.

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