RFP Issued for a New Emergency Ambulance Contract in Contra Costa


The competitive bidding process opened this week for a new contract to provide emergency ambulance service throughout much of Contra Costa County, a step toward identifying the county’s main provider beginning in 2016.

Contra Costa Health Services (CCHS) seeks a 5-year contract with a qualified ambulance provider to serve all parts of the county, excluding areas served by the San Ramon Valley and Moraga-Orinda fire districts, with a 5-year renewal option based on performance.

American Medical Response has provided the service for several decades in Contra Costa. The current contract expires at the end of 2015.

The new request for proposals (RFP) requires bidders to respond to two different service models: One similar to the county’s current model, and another with extensive strategies to optimize services while matching emergency ambulance service levels to patient need.

The strategies are based on recommendations in the EMS Modernization Project Report, a review of county emergency medical service delivery ordered by the Board of Supervisors in 2012. They are intended to reduce the chance that the county will need to subsidize the ambulance provider.

To read the report, visit cchealth.org/ems/pdf/2014-EMS-System-Modernization-Study.pdf.

Bidders must also demonstrate their qualifications, fiscal sustainability and ability to meet rigorous patient care, safety and quality criteria developed by the CCHS Emergency Medical Services Division (EMS) and its consultant, Fitch & Associates, including response time, staffing and equipment requirements, engagement with the healthcare system and ability to support fire-first medical response.

The Board will select its preferred service model when it selects a bidder.
EMS formally issued the RFP on Feb. 27, 2015. Bids are due May 21, 2015 at 4 p.m.
For a timeline of the RFP process and links to electronic documents, including the RFP, visit cchealth.org/ems/rfp.php.

Editors Note:
American Medical Response, the current holder of the contract, as well as Contra Costa County Fire Protection District are likely to bid on the contract given past statements at Board of Supervisor meetings.


  1. Wow, really? A private long time experienced ambulance company bidding against a union controlled county government fire district for medical transport. Oo I wonder who will win. This was decided behind closed doors long ago people. The union runs this county and the fire district will take the job and it will end up costing us just like doctors hospital is. How far will the special interest buy into our government officials decisions before we start to really care?

    • Not sure of your point. Anyone with any knowledge of the current private ambulance provider is aware that they care very little about their employees or the community they serve. It is strictly about the bottom line and how much money they can siphon to their corporate headquarters and shareholders. As for Doctors hospital, I believe they are a private hospital who is closing its doors because they cannot make a profit. Not a government entity. Union members work at Doctors hospital as they do for the current private ambulance provider. If a decision was made behind closed doors it’s only because it makes the most sense for the members of the community. Keep the money here or send it out of State?

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