Restoration CleanUp Company Offering Solution to Help Relieve Residents of Smoke Smell in Homes


The Restoration CleanUp Company brought to our attention that with all this smoke in the air, they may have a solution for some residents in Contra Costa County since we are not in a fire zone. Here is the information.

According to Steve Windsor, they have an air scrubber service where they can utilize place a unit in your home which utilizes a charcoal filter which will clean the air and purify it inside the home. These units are rented and will run 24-hours per day until the smoke clears which appears to be Sunday or Monday at the earliest.

“We understand with all these fires happening right now and how tragic it is for these homeowners, friends,  families and neighbors. When we all woke up this morning we could see how bad the smoke is affecting us now. A lot of us woke up with are homes smelling like a campfire.,” said Windsor. “We wanted to bring attention to a solution because we know people have underlying health issues with asthma and breathing. We want to help wherever we can including relieving residents of a smoke smell.”

Please contact our office at 925-473-2270 or you can reach the sales manager Steve Windsor at (925) 207-0880.

Please be cautious when going outside and be safe. And if you can please check on your neighbors who are elderly or have health conditions.

The Restoration CleanUp Company is located in Pittsburg CA and for more services, they can be viewed online at